Child-on-child sexual assaults

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DozyBint, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. Source.

  2. We live in a strange and sad time
  3. I have to echo Dozy and have been wondering what must have gone wrong in that juvenile brain. Something must be wrong, it cannot be sane, it must be insanity of some sort. 12...

    I hope. :(
  4. Didn't know we let 12 year old kids read the NAAFI Bar postings?
  5. He should be tried as an adult.

    Put the sick little child in nick for a long, long time.
  6. and throw away the key
  7. I strongly believe that the actions of a 12yr old are the responsibility of the parents.
  8. Can a male be charged with rape on a male. I was on the understanding that rape is a gender specific crime (genetic male on genetic female), part of the definition being that the penis enters the vagina.

    I'm by no means condoning what this child did, just curious as to whether the law has changed. If it has he deserves all that can be thrown at him. If it hasn't still throw everything at him.

    I know this is Scottish law but I believe England and Wales are similar.
  9. hmm, i think it depends on what actually happened. Not condoning anything, but it could just be over developed fumblings made to sound worse by official charges and the press.
    Ont he otherhand if it is as bad as it sounds then i agree that the parents have to step up to something!
  10. If I recall a convo with my brother (a policeman) correctly, penetration of the vagina, anus or mouth with any implement is classed as rape, hence a female gang member being charged & convicted of rape last year some time.
  11. Specifics of this case aside, I knew damn well at a young age (certainly under 10) largely what was right & wrong & I'm no smarter than the average person. Fair enough, parental guidance (or lack of) plays a part, but I cannot believe that the perpetrator of these assaults wasn't aware that what they were doing was wrong. As with adult rape, I suspect that this, if true, has more to do with the expression of dominance over the victim than sexual pleasure, but whatever the motive I will be seriously annoyed if the defence is "He's a child & didn't know what he was doing." :evil:
  12. A kid that age is only going to think forced sex is acceptable if its already been introduced to it by an adult - I'd lay a substantial bet it'll turn out he's been seriously abused for years, probably by a family member (statistically most likely case scenario).
  13. Eradicate the whole line, no execuses, hunt them down and remove them from the gene pool.
  14. The solicitors will try, but 10 is the magic age for criminal responsibility. At 12, the police still have to prove he knew what he did was wrong, but there's a tried and tested routine for doing this through questioning and there really shouldn't be a problem. Mental instability (perhaps, as a previous poster has suggested, as a result of abuse he himself has suffered) may be a mitigating factor, but I seriously doubt he'll just get away with it.
  15. Agreed, being that there's oodles of empirical data to support this argument, but it's still not right nor excusable. Whether the attacker is an abused child himself or not he must be punished for his crimes. Alongside this punishment there needs to be education, rehabilitation & dare I say it, counselling. I'm not a fan of tree-hugging counsellors, but in instances of child physical & sexual assaults I think that counselling is an appropriate tool. I’m of the opinion that left to their own devices, a la Lord of the Flies, children are evil creatures and they need boundaries to be enforced.