Child malnutrition in the UK - oh the drama!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. I wonder how many of those kids have an x-box in every room, mummy and daddy smoking 40 a day between them and a 52'' plasma screen in the living room?
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  2. What a load of bollocks! Teachers buying food for pupils? Kids walking to school because they can't afford the bus fare? Most councils operate a bus pass system for under 16s. Holes in their shoes, possible, but how do the teachers know that lack of cash is causing it, not parental oversight?

    The last half term before the summer hols is great in primary schools; year six parents get the last knockings out of school uniform, with a new issue for the new school needed, plus six weeks+ for growth spurts, most run the kit into the ground, and why not?

    As soon as ciggies and cheap booze sales start to decline in chavland, I might start to give credance to the anecdotal evidence. The claims of charities who rely on a need to pay for directors of policy and strategy may be biased.

    There will almost certainly be children in dire straits, but this sounds like a pre-wage claim warm up spiel. Most of the teachers I've met and worked with are concerned, but buying food, with the chance of added bullying and accusations of grooming? Unlikely, anyway I was under the impression that teachers were too badly paid, over worked and exhausted from lack of adequate holidays to spring for meals for pupils.
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  3. There won't be much sympathy here for this bollocks, too many squaddies have been around a bit and have seen real poverty, not the sort of moral poverty endemic in chavistan and pikeytania.
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  4. Obese kids probally because they are being fed on bargain bags of processed Iceland shite with no nutrition whatsoever. Throw in several hours a night on a Xbox/facepest/TV its no wonder we have a problem in this Country. Yup... I blame the parents. We are now well into a second generation of slobishness & unless action is taken fast. Its only gonna get worse.

  5. This generation of kids, I believe, is the first one with a life expectancy shorter than their parents. That says a lot about how badly parents are letting their kids down.
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  6. Teachers end up picking up the problems of children who haven't been properly fed by the parents, it may be a fault of the education of the elders. But that is no reason the kids should suffer.

    Frau Boumer frequently told me of kids who couldn't study properly becuase they hand't eaten or drunk water (not fizzy pop, water) and so were flaking out at school.

    But like the man said above; when you've seen places that don't have running water, and would love free education, the well of sympathy dries up a bit quick.

    I don't think in most cases it is positive neglect; I think it's just ignorance. But then, I do admit I've a pretty low opinion of certain groups in society and I may be being unfair. It's sad too, cause the missus again used to tell me about parents at parents' evenings, and they wanted their kids to do well, as perhaps too late they realised they'd screwed up their chances earlier in life.
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  7. The school I volunteer in is in what might be considered a "depived" neighbourhood. Lots of single parents/unemployed etc. High proportion of travellers etc etc etc. I see little evidence of malnourishment but plenty of evidence of kids who do not get enough sleep because their parents dont give enough of a shit to even set a sensible school-day bedtime routine.

    We live in a welfare state that gives chavscum everything for nothing. As someone else posted, I suspect that for every malnourished kid you will find a parent who smkes/drinks and maybe even has other "vices" that are paid for before feeding the kids even enters the equation.

    I have mooted the idea elsewhere that we should scrap child benefit entirely and replace it with free school food for every child of school age (to include a healthy lunch and a mid morning snack (with milk, theres a novel idea)) . That way we would ensure that any funds spent actually combat the issue and dont just end up funding mums fags'n'booze.
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  8. Yeah and how many of the kids have got mobile phones? Parents too busy drinking and smoking in front of their 50" plasmas tellies to bother with their horrible offspring!
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  9. I have to echo BOABs comments above.
    I had an argument not too long ago, in full uniform, with my co worker And two paramedics with Ann McTaggart, MSP. Who was trying to tell us the area in which we currently were was one of the most deprived in Europe. Cue anecdotes about how there are no carpets in the house, but large Tvs, PS3s, mum and whoever it is this week, always have money for fags, booze etc, whilst the kids eat bread and ketchup. Our argument centred around how, given that we as two organisations spend a vast, unfair
    amount of time(given how little tax payers actually see and use our services) in these bolt holes, we were more than qualified to make the above statements. She was going on about how they would have to spend more money on them to get them out of poverty.
    Which is sad really, because they don't live in poverty, they misappropriate they funds given to them.
    Unfortunately, in Glasgow, they'll never keep these people happy. They moaned when they were in tenements, they got put in high rise flats with hot and cold water and inside toilets. Then they moaned about that and now they are building terraced houses for them with driveways and back and front gardens.

    Strangely enough, when they move in, a week later the boiler has mysteriously been stolen by "some guy" that was in the house and there are holes all over the walls.
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  10. So the poor we lads and lasses are goin hungry... I'll be outside the local school with a nice bag of sweeties for them, oh, and I've got some puppies as home....

  11. Your a prick then if you think kids aren't going to pick on others for having free school dinners!
  12. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Err everyone would have free school meals as everyone (stand fast the Upper Class toffs with too much money who are destroying yardy yar....) so it is hardly going to be a biggy. In fact if you are paying for your meals you are likely to be the minority.
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  13. Seeing reports from Greece over the last few days, poverty is not a word that shouldseriously be used to describe life in any part of the UK.