Child maintenance

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by syledis, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. I dont mind one bit paying maintenance for my kids to my ex partner, but i have concerns that the money i am handing over is not being used just for the kids welfare, I accept that im not just paying for food, clothes etc , but alos towards heating, roof over their head etc as well , but do i have any say in where the money is going and what it is being spent on?
  2. In a one word simple answer, NO!!!!
  3. Short answer No. Longer answer, unless the kids are being mistreated or have no shoes to put on their feet whilst ex has Prada on her peds guess what you can do?
  4. bugger! and bugger again i just want to make sure the money is being used for them
  5. You and a million other blokes. To be honest mate nothing you do or want will make any difference to the way your ex spends it.
  6. Do you feel your kids are doing without in any way?
  7. I used to wonder that about my ex but at the end of the day decided that she was always a good mother so was quite happy that they would be well looked after even if the tobacconist and the bingo hall did get my inadvertent support.
  8. Don't know how old yours are, but I've arranged with my ex that he puts cash onto the kids cashless catering cards at school. That way he knows he's paying for their food not my vodka. He also buys their school shoes. Can you not sit down and have a civilised conversation with she who casts no shadow? See what can be done?