Child Maintenance Court Order.

I have a Child Maintenance Court Order currently in place, and this is paid from source (direct from my pay) This was made prior to the CSA dealing with child maintenance. I cannot find my copy of the Order due to moving about a fair bit in the last 20 years. Does APC hold a copy of this??
The reason I ask is I believe that this order has expired, as my daughter is now nearly 17, but I am still paying the amount set out in the court order.
The clerks at work have been far from helpful with this issue, and any advice is welcome.

1. How do I find out when the order expires?
2. Can I stop the payment if the order has expired?
3. Who do I speak to regarding this issue?

Thanks in advance.
I'm going through a separation at the moment and a nipper is involved. As far as I know if your daughter is still in full time education then you pay until she is 19. If she has chosen not to partake in further education and is working then she can pay her own way, not for you to do anymore.

As for who to contact? Your old solicitor? CSA direct (I know, very difficult)?
FBG, this was before the days of the CSA, and they have no involvement, as I have already checked.
As for the "old solictor", well I was 19 years old at the time, and I used the Duty Solicitor at the hearing. All I remember about her is she was obviously a rug muncher/man hater, and did me no favours at all.

Thanks anyway.

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