Child Maintenance and Terminal Benefits

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I am divorced and paying maintenance for my two children. I am discharged from the service on 26 Oct and will be receiving my Immediate Pension (what's left of it after she has had her pound of flesh :))from November. I understand that my pension will form part of my income for CSA purposes (as it rightly should), however will they take into account my gratuity as well?

Has anyone had experience of this or know where I can find the DS answer? I have looked on the CSA website but it is unclear to say the least.

Many thanks in advance

It should not. Nor should any sum you comute. As you quite rightly say, your monthly pension payments will be considered as income for purposes of Child benefit calculations but your lump sum(s) are not income and assets are not normally part of the calculation. The simplest way to ensure you do not get seen off is to spend the money on a house immediately when you leave.

That is my understanding of the situation and, like you, I would welcome comment from anyone who has any confirmed evidence to the contrary.

The sad part of this that, had the ex-wife not taken a chunk of the pension, your (and my) income from the pension would be greater and, therefore, the ongoing child maintenance could have been more. So in essence, the ex-wife took money at the expense of the children. Selfish cow!

Many thanks for that. Have you seen it written down anywhere?

Yes, she is indeed a selfish cow :) I offered her £10,500 from my gratuity to help her when she needs the money most, which is now when the children are still at home (and is the equivalent of an extra £300 per month until my youngest turns 18 ), but she refused it in favour of 27% of my pension (which she won't see until she reaches pensionable age) and the house as well. She's welcome to the house because the kids need a roof over their heads but the decision to turn ten grand down now is lunacy. I'll bet that she goes crying to the CSA saying I have a lump sum though, once she finds out my CSA payments will drop from £350 per month to £40, which is what my monthly pension will give her because I don't have a job yet. Still, I'm sure she will manage, after all, her and her new partner have a combined income of over £60k a year! ;-)


By a ticket to some disreputable and fun part of Asia, spend a week there, move all your money out of your normal account into a hidden account and then say you lost it gambling and having a better time than you ever did with her in the sack with the whores ;)
Berlin, you and I are in a similar (but not identical) situation. She took the house so now, on leaving, you will require to find yourself a residence. Use your lump sums to buy a house and there shouldn't be much she can say about it. Your ongoing child maint payments should be using the standard calculation with your regular pension payments considered as income.

Might be worth talking to Citizens advice if you have concerns. Or, if you have grave concerns, talk to a lawyer. So far this is only my understanding of the situation, I have yet to get legal advice but I will be doing so in due course.
RI, any chance of a copy of your PM? It may have something useful to me as well.
Thanks RI. Sometimes Arrse is useful for more than the NAAFI bar humour!
Many thanks RI :)

PM seen.


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