Child Killer Murdered In Prison.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ritch, Feb 23, 2011.

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  1. Police Investigating Suspected Murder Of Child Killer Colin Hatch At Full Sutton Prison Near York | UK News | Sky News

    Good riddance in my opinion.
  2. Let rats kill rats.
  3. Thank you; that cheered me up after dealing with the double whammy of cold and toothache.
  4. See, it's not all bad news at the moment!
  5. Saves the taxpayer a fortune. That's one cut I definitely approve of.
  6. Oh dear, what a shame.
  7. Pity it doesn't happen more often.
  8. I just hope it was slow and painful.
  9. Pay Per View with bin lid shields and baseball bats with nails in the end please.
  10. Having just watched the Dark Knight again, broken in half pool cues so do it
  11. Oh dear, what a shame, life goes on.

    Not his, obviously.
  12. Can we not employ the fellow who bought about his dimise to do a whistle stop tour of all UK prisons and do away with some more of these f**kers......
  13. Hope the guy who did this gets extra weekend leave, and a rise in pocket money.
  14. Conjugal visits with the slapper of his choice!