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Child Killer Murdered In Prison.


Police Investigating Suspected Murder Of Child Killer Colin Hatch At Full Sutton Prison Near York | UK News | Sky News

Police are investigating the suspected murder of child killer Colin Hatch at a maximum-security prison, sources say.
Hatch died following an incident at Full Sutton jail near York on Tuesday.

The 38-year-old was jailed for life in 1994 after being convicted of killing a seven-year-old boy while on parole for a previous child sex attack.

Good riddance in my opinion.
See, it's not all bad news at the moment!


Saves the taxpayer a fortune. That's one cut I definitely approve of.




I just hope it was slow and painful.


Can we not employ the fellow who bought about his dimise to do a whistle stop tour of all UK prisons and do away with some more of these f**kers......


War Hero
It's not often you get to read a news piece that puts a smile on your face but I can't help but smile and hope that every fear his victims had, ran through his pathetic excuse of a body in the short time before he checked out. No spilt tears here!
What a ****.
I hope it was slow and ******* painful.

Jailing Hatch in January 1994, Judge Nina Lowry said he was "highly dangerous" and told him it was not possible to envisage a time when he could be released safely.

Unemployed Hatch, then 21, had smirked when he heard the jury's verdict.

At his previous trial for indecently assaulting the eight-year-old boy and choking him until he lost consciousness, psychiatrist Dr Anthony Wilkins recommended that Hatch was a "menace to the public" and should be sent to Broadmoor top security hospital.

But Broadmoor had not considered Hatch dangerous enough at the time, Dr Wilkins said.

Mind you, I hope the tools that decided that meet the same fate.
Well, it's rehabilitation of a sort I suppose, in that he won't be reoffending.

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