Child hunting!

They got it ALL wrong, target spotting is the most important factor of shooting urban feral adolescents, for instance did you see one baseball cap in that advert?

Plus selection of correct targets utilises another important factor in this sport which is......

Shoot the male of the sub-species and sell the female into white slavery thus allowing yourself to purchase bigger, better weaponry.

And why, oh why are they NOT displaying the carcasses on the front of their motor afterwards, you think they'd have some pride in their kills!

Personally i'd like to have a word with those lads as they have no idea, first and most important job is to get yourself into a position where you at least have access to ASBO photos.

What NEXT?...Anarchy?? :twisted:
tropper66 said:
it looks like good fun to me sure cut down my travel costs to go hunting, I could pop a few out the bedroom window as they go to school
"Go to school" ? Are you sure you don't mean go to the park to sniff glue and mug OAP's ?

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