Child Care Vouchers

There is a Government nursery voucher scheme where child care costs (up to £200 a month) are deducted at source (before tax) and this is paid to the nursery direct. My wifes work (QinetiQ) is signed up to the scheme as are a lot of other large employers. Does anybody know if HM Forces is signed up to this? I am in limbo at the mo because I have been SOS'd from my old unit but am not due to report to my new unit until 16th July so I don't have a clerk to as.

Thanks, in advance, PL
The Army scheme hasnt kicked in yet.
I applied and the letter back from the scheme basically said 'unlucky sucker, get a better employer'.

When you say the Army scheme hasn't started yet does that mean it's going to?


Allegedly later this year. About time too, Ive been paying an absolute fortune, its a bit of a two tier thing here because the Nursery is part of a NHS hospital, the Military staff pay full whack and the NHS staff get the tax reduction via the voucher system.

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