Child Bombers - Afghan Wars Latest Weapon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Child Bombers - Afghan War's Latest Weapon
    The Road Ahead: Children are Being Trained - Or Tricked - Into Becoming Terrorists

    By Mandy Clark

    Pakistan's military has been gearing up for a new offensive against the Taliban. But the militants struck first with a series of attacks, killing at least 39 people. Richard Roth reports.

    The Taliban in Afghanistan is recruiting children, some as young as 7, to train in warfare. Mandy Clark reports on this disturbing new tactic for the CBS series "Afghanistan: The Road Ahead."

    Boys as young as 7 years old have to be held by an adult to withstand the recoil of an AK-47 as they are trained by the Taliban and al Qaeda.

    Other children aren't trained but tricked into carrying bombs.

    "I lost my leg," 11-year-old Eidullah says, "I'm angry because we were not guilty of anything."

    Eidullah was asked by the Taliban to deliver a fruit basket to a local commander who was cooperating with U.S. forces. Hidden in the basket was a bomb. However, the commander wasn't hurt because the bomb exploded prematurely -- maiming Eidullah and injuring his eight friends.

    Some of their lives were saved by American surgeons at a nearby military hospital. Doctors say they are seeing more children involved in bombings.

    "It shows the lengths that al Qaeda will go to and the indifference that they have to these pure kids," said Lt. Col. Benjamin Kam, an orthopedic surgeon.

    The children recruited by the Taliban and al Qaeda are often willingly sent to the terror camps by their parents. The promise of free food, shelter and education for their sons is too difficult to turn down.

    But the children who were tricked face a lifetime of painful procedures to treat their wounds.

    Nine-year-old Mohammad had a nerve in his leg severed in the blast.

    "Unfortunately he will lose function in this section of his leg. He'll eventually have to have it amputated," said Dr. Scott Russi, chief of surgery at Shamrock Combat Hospital.

    Out of the nine children injured, two lost limbs, one lost sight. All of their lives will be forever altered.

    Eleven-year-old Bachmaner was one of the lucky ones. He only suffered a broken leg. He wishes he could go back to his old life. "We all used to play soccer," he says, "now we can't walk without pain."

    It's not childhood games that Eidullah is worried about now. His father is blind and as the oldest son, tradition demands that he take care of his family. Now, he doubts he can.

    He, like hundreds of other children, are caught up in a war they had no expectation of fighting.
  2. Nothing new. This was definately happening last year (child SIEDs). I don't have any knowledge of further back however.
  3. Happend in summer 2007 aswell, in sangin.
  4. Might as well, depletes the population
  5. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Didn't some cnut strap one to his kid brother and send him over to "give the nice squaddie a hug" a year or so back?

    Sub-human, these fcukers*. It truly boils my blood.

    *Not every Afghan, obviously - just the evil fatherlesses that stoop to these levels.
  6. It,s a sad sick world out there !! :x
  7. I left in summer 07 and it wasn't new then but good of CBS to "break" the story.
  8. Well at least they won't get a chance to breed.....every cloud and all that.
  9. It saddens me to see how low these people can stoop.

    They can spout all the Allahuakhbars and jihads they want, but it doesn't change the fact that
    they're just scum the devil would be proud to call his own.
  10. smacks of desperation on their part
  11. They will be making there wives have children to use a bombers I guess, remember they can have many wives
  12. Kinda makes their complaints about collateral damage a little hypocritical doesn't it?

    Those of a liberal leaning and apologist persuasion should think long and hard about a mindset that would do this to their own children.

    Makes you realise what we are up against I guess, the nazis had no compunction about gassing the children of their perceived enemies, the Islamist have no compunction about killing their own in order to kil their peceived enemy.

    Not much difference between them.
  13. Shaitan will be waiting for these fcukers... I am sure. And there wont 72 of anything for them.
  14. Maybe we should deploy Gary Glitter ............
  15. they are using kids cos they have run ourt of dwarfs