Child benefits cut for the rich, benefits limited for the idle !

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by DesktopCommando, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. Yep

    All those middle class people who used to be able to claim mortgage interest relief, council tax benefits etc who will have their benefits capped. Then of course they lose their homes and have to move onto council estates where their children won't be in the catchment areas for all those good schools.

    This is wrong and will not hit the 'idle' but families who find themselves in hard times.
  2. So you're safe then?
  3. Ah yes, sure as shit attracts flies, the thought of benefits getting cut or capped attracts whet!

    Tell us whet, how will stopping chavscum who've bred a dozen snot nosed brats by a dozen different babyfathers living like royalty on an income that most of us can only dream of be such a bad thing?
  4. You honestly think that I get anywhere near £27000 pa? You sad, self deluded person.

    And besides which, this is not going to be targeted at the disabled. You really ought to watch the news more closely
  5. Interesting.

    What is the total of benefits a chav with children gets outside of London? Bet it isn't anywhere near the average wage.
  6. You clearly get a very good financial incentive to spend 11 years on the dole while still being able to afford a car, computer, internet access etc

    Don;t worry, they will be asking you shortly why someone who is only 80% 'disabled', and therefore 20% 'abled' has managed to avoid gainful employment for 11 years.
  7. Top retort Stacker!

    The catch is though..."Unless there is disablement.."

    Anyone, with a bit of ingenuity and artistic license can become "disabled".
  8. You sad person Simper. You have more chance of losing your mobility and Disability Living Allowance, given your very nice wage packet.
  9. Well, Simper managed it.
  10. None what so ever whettie old chap, not unless you know of a new medical method of growing me back some functioning legs and getting the DLA's medical board assessment, (100% disabled, award for life), overturned.

    And as has been pointed out to you ad nauseum non taxpaying johhnie, it's NOT a means tested benefit. ;P
  11. From working in a bank and dealing with many different customers: those who earn 45k+ actually do save it for their children & invest in their future. And you get the scratters that can barely pronounce the word please when trying to withdraw their weekly binge.

    Silly Gov
  12. Why are you allowed a Car, dont you have a sleep disorder causing to sleep at any time, what a load of Bull shit bet ur like that bloke off little Britain
  13. Yes indeed I did whet, but it required 3 replacement joints, bones fuzed in my left foot, limited mobility in my left arm, two ruptured discs and about 12 months all told hospital inpatient time and a dozen major operations over an 8 year period.

    Of course, I could have saved myself a huge amount of effort by just telling them I fall asleep a lot.
  14. So, a 2-income family can earn over 80k per year and still claim child benefit, but a single income family where one scapes into the higher rate zone at 44k takes a hit..?

    And how is that fair?