Child benefit while posted to BFG

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Filbert Fox, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. Do you continue to receive child benefit if you are posted to Germany? I would imagine that you woud as you still pay UK tax on your pay etc.. but Mrs Fox wants to know from anyone who is out there at the moment.

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  3. Yes, you are and you are also entitled to some more cash from the German Social Security called Kindergeld (see your pay office), as long as your wife is not serving too - sucks I know.
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    I don't have kids so had to check but according to the Inland Revenue, it'll still be paid.

    Edit: Bugger. Beaten to it :D
  5. I am part of a service family living abroad or visiting?

    Contact your local council for advice and help

    Tha above is from the DWP website.Councils have their own rules when it comes to the service community.

    Sorry folks this info is for the Council tax enquiry.
  6. not sure what that means, but many thanks to everyone, very helpfull.

  7. Filbert, i've always found it easier to have the Child Benefit paid by direct debit - then just use the helpline to update your address with them. Take all your child benefit details to BFG with you, as someone mentioned above your entitled to an element of kindergelt (for me with 1 child it was about 40 euro a month i think). I'm reliably informed that the kindergelt amount is the difference between the German child benefit and the UK amounts.
  8. It is. You have to get a form from RASU but the lasses down there are bloody helpful and walk you though it. You receive a cheque evry month and just take it along with your passport to the local Postampt and away you go. The difference is quite substantial in some cases.
  9. Don’t even need to do that, you can get Kindergelt paid directly into a German bank account monthly. :D
    Just get the forms from your helpful admin office – families office – admin office – families office – admin office (pass the buck, not our problem etc). :evil:
    Don’t worry you can get it back dated by 6 months, So when you finally get the forms, you (hopefully) won’t be penalised for incompetence. :D :D