Child benefit is a treat for affluent parents

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by woolyback_bastard, Jun 26, 2010.

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  1. Child benefit a treat for affluent parents

    Sorry if this has been mentioned, my wife like many people claim this benefit because it its there, not because they need it any longer. The country can no longer afford it, if we don't make cuts it will cost jobs.

    Is there anyone else apart from me who thinks its now time to scrap child benefit?
  2. I'm not so sure about scrapping the benefit completely.

    It sure is time that the whole thing was means tested however. Let the benefit go to those who are in need, not just a blanket payment for one and all.
  3. ...and the same with the winter heating allowance. I heard about a retired couple living in (IIRC) Saudi Arabia who were still registered in UK for pension. they received the allowance last winter. When they told DSS (or whatever it is this week) that they didn't want it and wanted to give it back they were told that there was no mechanism for that.
  4. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    The best one I know of is the free bus dad has one....ignoring the fact that he has 2 cars, an income from his pension that is greater than my wage and a house nowhere near a bus stop...he still gets one.


  5. Boloxs, just because i earn a reasonable wage doesnt mean i shouldnt be entitled to a few benifits, it claws a bit of my 40% tax back ,i even manage to claim tax credit despite earning 60k a year, while this country insists on supporting the idle and feckless and allowing people to sponge for life i will take anything on offer
  6. ...and there is part of the reason for the huge welfare bill...
  7. I can remember when you didn't get it for the first sprog
  8. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    There is one BIG catch with means-testing benefits. Each time this happens there is one MORE reason why someone trying to better themselves ends up worse off, because they will lose yet another freebie, in effect raising their personal marginal tax rate to the point where they are completely stuck.
  9. Not sure its a "treat" , we transfer the amount across to our daughters bank account , she's at college now and thanks to our hard work is not eligible for EMA and if ever there was benefit that could save money that's the badger .
    Child benefit should only be paid for the first child .
  10. We recieve child benefit and we certainly don't need it. I would willingly give it up as part of a wider welfare reform.

    But not so that unemployed masses could get a bump in their dole to sit at home and watch more Jeremy Kyle.
  11. Then maybe a mechanism whereby if you get a job that pays only marginally more that you benefits then you get a top up for a period to ensure that they are taking home more than they'd get on the dole. After 12 months or so that reduces until the claimant is self-supporting. That would surely be cheaper than just keeping Joe Soapdodger on benefits for life.
  12. Only if he goes to the trouble of getting the form, filling it in, getting two photographs taken and sending it he's a 'tightwad'..its not somthing that arrives automatically on the day of your 60th. birthday..but hey why let facts get in the way of a good 'benefits' story.. :)
  13. Oh I see. So folks on low income are spongers, but it's okay dokey for you to take monies paid in as tax by folks getting a lot less than you in annual salary.

    Please form a phrase using the words bastard, greedy, twisted and fuckin.
  14. Actually, yes, it does maean precisely that. If you think that £60k pa is only a 'reasonable' wage, then you need to wake up and smell the coffee mate.

    £60k pa is a fukcing good wage by anybody's standards and anybody earning that much should not receive any fukcing benefits at all! That way, there would be more to go round for the people who really need it. By that, I don't mean the workshy and feckless but the hard working who have fallen on hard times and need a hand for a while. Benefits should be a safety net, not a bloody hammock!

    Child benefit should either be paid to everyone who has a child until a set age or it should be abolished. There can be no fair way of paying a benefit designed to assist in raising children if the income of the parents is a deciding factor. Such discrimination will not sit well with those parents who earn a good wage and indeed, I feel, may even be the deciding factor in parents with borderline salaries deciding to stop work as they may be better off financially on benefits.