Child Allowence Benefit etc?

Right, I have been paying a standard tax for a good number of years but my life has been turned on its head by the sudden appearance of my 12 year old on my doorstep.

Am I entitled to any kind of tax benefit etc now that my daughter is living with me?

I have tried looking online but I am totally con bloody fused by it all!

How do I get any child benefits stopped to my ex who is still claiming tax relief etc despite my daughter having lived with me since July?

Again, looked online but could not find much.

Many thanks in advance.
Citizen Advice may be your best bet.

You could try the CSA and put your case to them & they may, just may understand!
But if the mother got legal custody of the child when you split up you may have to go back to court to get any monies paid to you instead. If the mother is mental/having a breakdown/an alcoholic/part time prostitute or similar dodgy occupation that may help your case.

You may have to prove she's not fit, for what ever reason to look after the child.
More info would help?

PS. I don't have a legal degree or am qualified, if I was I would be charging you £300 an hour!!
Yes as said go through CAB, if you now have full guardianship over your daughter as she is staying with you( if not then get it done correctly through the courts) your ex should not be getting any of the financial benefits if your daughters not staying there. If a social workers already involved then they should give you all the help you need.
As above, Citizens Advice Bureau should be your first port of call. They`ll be able to advise on what benefits and how much, and possibly help with filling out the forms.
The two benefits would be child benefit and child tax credits. Both are administered by HMRC so they will also be interested that your ex is still claiming, and will be able to sort that.
Couple of links for further reading may help explain it....
HM Revenue & Customs: How to claim Child Benefit
Benefits for families and children
CAB good start, might also be worth attending your local MP's surgery, can make a massive difference to how quickly things get done for you if they're a good egg.
Thanks chaps....

Its going through court just now, £7.5k's worth of bills to pay so far, whilst she gets Legal Aid..the cnut!

Being Scotland thiongs are a bit different up here (besides colder) and as I was not married to her mum, I currently have no legal rights what so ever. (Law changed in 2006, but she was born in 2000 so not applicable!)

Currently have temporary residency rights, another hearing on the 8th of November, but her mother, who lives 100 miles away is making very unreasonable demands and my daughter wants nothing to do with her.

Ahh the joys of a one night stand!!!


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