Child accidently shot in Iraq gets £2 million compo from MoD

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Airfix, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Channel Four news have just aired a story that a child accidently shot by British troops in Iraq and is now paralised and living in the UK has been awarded £2 million compensation from MoD.

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  2. While the poor little bastard probably does deserve it how does it compare to Ben Parkinson compensation?
    They should take the money from B-liar pension fund.
  3. 2 million pounds worth of Compo?

    shit - I thought a few weeks on Menu A was bad

    poor kid
  4. Grabs Coat and Passport and heads for the airport. I'm done with this Fcuking Country. :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:
  5. Excellent news. Expensive business these illegal invasions aren't they.
  6. And Jamie Cooper only got £57,000.

    The mind boggles.
  7. speechless
  8. and a soldier of the same disability is entitled to how much?! What a bloody joke.
  9. Sure but in a country where the average yearly wage is about USD 2,500 an award of USD 5,000,000, or 2,000 times the average Iraqi wage, lends itself to charges of economic imperialism. Are our courts attemping to impose of economic and morale values upon the Iraqi people?

    Are you arguing that anyone in this country that suffers the same injuries as a result of an illegal act should receive 2,000 times the average wage - lets say GBP 40million?

    So does that mean that Ben Parkinson, who was wounded by illegal fighters (i.e. outside legitimate government control) should possible receive more? and from whom?

    Just wait until Heather McCartney-Mills hears about this little earner!
  10. While it is unfortunate that the child was injured however shit happens. But to be awarded that amount of compo when British soldiers don't recieve anywhere near that is just mad.
  11. FFS it just gets worse....
  12. Our government attempted to impose its Will upon the Iraqi people- we do not have the moral high ground! We haven't even attempted to keep a running total of the numbers of men women and kids who we have killed in Iraq as though their lives aren't worth a light. I think it's great that the MOD have been basically fined £2 million for injuring this little child. Of course its shite that injured soldiers get discarded with paltry awards but this thread isn't about that.
    This award is about this innocent injured Iraqi kid and I suspect that the someone who has awarded this high amount is telling this fukcing government exactly what they think of them and their foreign policies.
    Injured troops compensation is for another thread.
    This award is about demonstrating cause and effect and the real value of the most insignificant Iraqi child.
    I'll bet Brown won't like the ruling..therefore it's made my day.
  13. I think you are right, and it's not as if the British Public and the Media will immediately draw comparison with what an injured serviceman gets will they?

    I'm sure the poor little sod wishes he had been injured while typing.

    Outrage bandwagon for Sir? :roll:
  14. Byeee.
  15. So what Action would you take Today ( or Tomorrow, or the next day) against the Iraqis that killed Iraqis before the invasion? What about the hoods in Basrah that kidnap and kill children ? Fancy speaking to the Garamsha tribe? Good luck.

    And who appointed the Judiciary as political activists? Unelected elites dictating policy ?? They are there to interpret the law and award penalties as laid down by parliament ( notwithstanding how cr@p those laws are) .

    Some questions for you:-

    1. Quote me accurate, independently verified figures of the number of Iraqis murdered under the Baath regime. I won't accept estimates or extrapolation. Please compare them to equally independent and robust figures after the invasion, again by robust I don't mean guesswork from some acne ravaged undergraduate.

    2. Is awarding a person 2,000 times the average salary in compensation skewing the economic element of the notion of compensation to the point where that is indeed "imposing our will" on another culture?

    3. Do you believe that unelected elites should have the ability to impose their will on democratically elected governments?

    4. What happens when your parents find out that you have been using their computer?