Chilcot - the final solution?

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa...... smack my botty Matron, and can I keep my trousers on and my wallets in my pockets?

Hmmmm. I'm Buddhistically-minded, not a full - blown get your robes on number, mind. Everybody seems to think that Tibetans are nice cuddly folk. Not 200 years ago the First Minister of Tibet used to have an animal skin nailed to the outside of his office door to remind entrants. Remind of what ? That criminals, shits and traitors were routinely sewn into animal skins and chucked in the river.

I think it's great that we don't do that sort o thing these days..... the Thames Barrier simply couldn't take it.

Not only that, we don't breed Prescott- size cattle any more.
fertman said:
Everybody seems to think that Tibetans are nice cuddly folk.
Everybody who watches the BBC does, anyway. Anybody with an ounce of common sense realises that you don't breed gaylords in that sort of landscape.

I don't hold up much hope from Chilcott. What are we going to get other than confirmation of what we already knew, if that?

It's a forum for displaying the full range of 'big boy did it and ran away' excuses from people who were supposed to do better by us.
As the Buddhist said to the hotdog man Make me one with everything. When he was still standing by trhe stall 10 minutes later, the hotdog man asked ' What are you waiting for?' 'My change' To which the hotdog man replied 'Change comes from within'

It's a bit chilly out here waiting for a taxi.

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