Chilcot - purpose?

Can someone explain what the Chilcot enquiry actually hopes to achieve ( beyond a bucket of whitewash, that is). To take war crminals, and we most certainly have a handful, before the ICC, all national legal processes must have been exhausted ....does Chilcot count, and will it be a case of Well, the enquiry found them innocent, so Scot Free is their middle name?
It is just a way for the people responsible to waste public money by paying their best mates to say what a bunch of really nice chaps they all are.
Re-Stilly - exactly what I thought. I liked international law when I studied it, but I could see it had an element of optomistic fantasy about it, but what has been going on for the last 18 years or so beggars belief. When one reflects that the people responsible ( and there is an oxymoron!) are doing the same thing on a national level it makes a person wish they hadn't had children, considering the future under such uncontrolled maniacs.
I thought this was a thread about Gareth Chilcot the rugby player. Taxi..
Chilcot Inquiry =

X amount of money used on a pointless inquiry which is meant to produce the truth about those dark days (sic).

Jobs on the panel for friends of the civil servants.

Government and civil servants are seen to be doing something.

The right questions will never be asked so that any controversial info will never be gleamed.

At the end they all pat each other on the back and say "that went well".

The resultant inquiry literature will be huge, in civil servant speak and not result in the assassination of anybody's reputation.

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