Chilcot Inquiry thread

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RCT(V), May 21, 2014.

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  1. Now, look every body - I know this bloke. It is his first (and probably ONLY), petition to the Government in Westminster.

    He would like it to attract a couple of votes - at least . . .

    Even if you may not wish to sign, can you please <forward> the LINK below, to your own friends, family and contacts who may wish to support the petition.

    Imagine the hours of fun, debate, and ridicule, we will all be able to enjoy on ARRSE, when the findings of the Chilcot Inquiry into the Gulf War(s) is actually published! :grin:

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  2. Is Tony Bliar going to prison?

    I'll sign.
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  3. Got a feeling , no.
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  4. Ssshhhhh. I'm dreaming...
  5. What have naked choirboys got to do with it ?
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  6. They really are, seeming to be holding this back despite all there protestation's that they are not, I really cant think, why though...
  7. He didn't waste any time feckin off to abroad after he was binned as PM, all he had left was a pityfull 14 million, must have got a cheap flight.

    We haven't seen the traitor since.I'd like to see him back in jolly old Britain though, through the sights of a Sniper scope.
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  8. Under the 'Nuremberg Principles' concerning the waging of aggressive war, Tony Blair is a war criminal and should be given a fair trial and then hanged.
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  9. With Cherie Blair defending him on a "no win no fee basis". A long and complex case could bankrupt her and her slimey chambers.
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  10. You old people need to get over this Tony/Cherie Blair hate nonsense and take up crown green bowls or something. Seriously doesn't it give you constipation been all eaten up inside by something you have no control over?

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  11. Look!! . . . the petition does NOT mention or identify anybody I particular, or specifically :roll:

    This could (cough!), be regarded as merely academic, legal, freedom-of-information type-of-thing, attempt to enlighten the populous . . . =)

    Now, stop prattling, and JUST SIGN THE BLOODY THING :x

    " Number of signatures: 15 "
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  12. Delete 15

    Insert 16
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  13. Your sentence conjures up any number of poo related outcomes. ;-)

    That aside, I'm going to sign.
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  14. Need a spotter?
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