Chieftains by Bob Forrest Webb

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by gentleman_bastard, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. I heard about this book whilst lurking on a thread here and have found it and am bidding for it on ebay. If its anyone here bidding against me then please pm and we can arrange a reading sharing thing and go half on the final cost.


    30 quid is a hell of a lot to pay for what looks like a rather thin paperback!
  2. I'm afraid that I still remember the lessons provided by the Moral Development ITD and I still try to apply them in my daily life. As such, I will have to report you to ebay as an abuser of the system. Moral courage and all that. Stand by.
  3. Fair enough - do what you feel you have to do. Personally I just want to read the book and am not to fussed about keeping it afterwards.
  4. Mate - I was joking. You've obviously been distracted by those 12 year old chinky gymnasts ;)
  5. Paranoia switch off! Its gone up further now - anyone want to form a syndicate in the next 5 mins and go half - they can keep it after I've read it...
  6. Go on then - seeing as I wound you up and I get paid tomorrow ;)

    Errr...what is it we're bidding on?
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  7. 40 quid now. I'll have to bow out - sounds like a good book but I don't want it that much!
  8. let us know what it went for.
  9. I'll go halves with you now I've said it....
  10. 67 quid now...
  12. Went for £72 quid in the end - must be a good book!
  13. I really would've gone halves with you, you know...

    Obviously been screwed over on to too many rounds in the rupert's mess....