Chieftains - Bob Forrest-Webb

Up for auction is my spare copy of "Chieftains" - Here is the chance for all you "Cold War Warriors" to get hold of it again and support a good cause while you're at it.


Chieftains is a frighteningly
authentic novel of the invasion of
Europe by the Russian & Warsaw
Pact armed forces seen through the
eyes of the fighting men on the

In particular it tells the story of the
crew of Bravo Two, a Chieftain
main battle tank of the British 4th
Armoured Division as they face the
onslaught of the soviet armour
onto the killing zones of the
German Plain.[/align]


Shall let this run until Midnight 6th June 08.
b u m p !
40 quid - I'd never heard of this one before.
A wee bump.

C'mon guys/gals, this is a very difficult to come by book. It was almost compulsory reading (along with "Team Yankee" by Harold Coyle) in BAOR in the early/mid 1980's

It is also for an exceptionally good cause, so not only can you own a bit of history; you can feel good about it too.
tiger stacker said:
I see your £40 and raise £45.
Well done Tiger Stacker, the book is yours.

All you need to do is:

1. wizz the money over to one of the Help Them Out accounts
2. PM me with yer name and address
3. When MDN lets me know the cash has gone in, I shall send you the book.

Thanks for supporting the cause.