chieftain turret problems

Discussion in 'RAC' started by 00eb85, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. could anybody help a mate of mine he has got hold of a chieftain mbt 06fa78 and is having problems getting the turret to work somebody went to see him but they ripped him of for five grand and they have never been seen since he does a lot of charity work the imvg club i know he has some parts but i dont know what they are he is also willing to put them up and he will pay there travel costs as he lives in southern ireland so if you can help please let me know thanks
  2. An invaluable contact would be Bob Grundy.
    He owns/runs BMV
    He has loads of contacts and may well be able to put your mate in touch with someone.
    Good luck
  3. Also the Aldershot Military Museum, they a working Chieftain & Chally 1
  4. I hope he needs power traverse to swat a couple of paint-ballers!

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  5. By does'nt work! What do you mean? Will it not traverse manually or are you saying that the power traverse is not functioning? Theres alot of ????? between why its not working....
  6. Does that chieftan fire paintballs then?
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Which scale and can we go out to 2000m if so we can invite the grunts down for a game.

    It'll be a fuse - it's always a fuse.
  8. PM me. There's somebody in Northern Ireland who has the knowledge and skills to assist.
  9. PM the exact symptoms mate, sure we can come up with an answer...
    (PS. However.. I reckon 'GDav' is your best option mate)
  10. Be interested to hear the symptoms too. Must be 27 years since I changed a traverse gearbox but some things seem to stick.
  11. Poor old Chieftain - it never really was a serious act of war, even if the L60 sounded the part on the rare occasions it actually worked!

    You could also try contacting the RAC Tank Museum at Bovington. They still have a couple of running examples & a workshop to keep them going.
  12. Have you fed the traverse monster recently?

    It likes combat jacket pockets and the odd finger now and then...
  13. Cobblers. It was an excellent piece of kit. Even the L60 was a brilliant concept and when it was upgraded to 850bhp the tank became unbeatable in its time.

    The CR1 Version was absolutely superb.
  14. Jeez, nostalgia for Chieftain!! Never thought I would live to hear it. I take it you didn't have to suffer on Mks 1 to 5 in the 70s? What a joke that was. Spent three weeks preparing for FTX and 50% of the Regiment was decks up on the hard shoulder within three miles of camp!
  15. You take it wrong. I worked on 3XY upwards and I was at Demo Sqn for three years where you're doing FTX mileage every week.