chieftain tanks


does anybody on here have any chieftain tank or any pictures of chieftain that i could get copies of as i now locate them for people who served on them as i did i am x 13/18 regards my contact no 07849051722



Can't say I'm much fussed about the Chieftain blowing up as it just Iranians, init? Too bad Dinner Jacket wasn't there.

There is a cracking photo of a Chieftain on an LP cover from way back. I cant remember the name of the group but the Album is called "Salisbury".

Edited to add that the group was / is called Uriah Heap:
Wasn't that answered in the Iran/Iraq war?
AND? Give it up then.

I would be interested to hear from former RAC crew just how they felt on call out exercises about facing the soviet hoards... being born in Hanover I was told by a former Warsaw Pact bloke some years later that in 65 / 66 I was lucky to get home as he was hot to go in those years.

How did Armoured feel at the time?


Wasn't that answered in the Iran/Iraq war?

Sort of. A team went to Iraq and did a battle damage assessment of the captured CH with a view to see how quickly they could be brought back in to action. The tanks ended up being transferred to Jordan if I recall correctly. Famously, there is a story of one CH troop, dug-in and broken down holding off a T55 or T62 bn until out flanked - so mostly down to experienced and determined crews.

The report made very interesting reading. Most tanks had fired almost no ammunition but several had fired complete bomb loads. Interestingly the cupola took disproportionate hits, so much for Whittaker's DPV, with the consequence that smashed episcopes sent a fan of glass downwards severing commanders forearms and thighs.

Not a great story for a man that had just come off STILLBREW CHs and was about to go back to CR1.

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