Builds Chieftain Tank 1/35th scale

Chieftain tank.jpg

making the Tamiya Chieftain 1/35th scale tank kit, with the Eduard Superdetail set.
box art tamiya chieftain.jpg

first PE parts..
pe detail fragments.jpg

cheiftain rear bin.jpg

bin clamps.jpg
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Jesus, I swear there's a team of you working 24/7 with your output :)

Bins need to be battered a bit saying that, just to get the authentic look :)


how do I get the build prefix on this daz?

Click "Edit Thread" at the top right of the page, its the 3 dots next to the "unwatch thread" button BTW where it says "Title" there's a drop down bar to the right, that's where all the tags are


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Hey Spank it, have you got any Chieftain shots, you could start a reference page just on Chieftain pictures. I have a couple I could add you your page.

What sort of airbrush do you use?

And where do you get your PE sets from? Ive seen a few on Ebay
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