Chieftain publication.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by revmodes, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. It's in bloody Geordie...
    Anyway, I'm fresh out of zlotys.
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  2. PMSL. click on the union flag in the link and all becomes right of the screen.
  3. Anyone read it yet? any good?
  4. It's good, the author is ex-4/7th. The background history explains a lot.

    It could have done with a good proof read though.
  5. Nasty, smelly, smokey, oily things................ shudders
  6. Books?
  7. Tanks................ no good will come of them I tell you
  8. Been reading a bit about the Iranian experience with them during the Iran-Iraq war. Not found one good report yet. Usual reliability issues but a couple said they preferred the M60 and T72 over Chieftain.
    Training wasn't that comprehensive. Usually weeks not even months.
    Some of the reports had dodgy facts and figures yet Iranians are refurbing what they have left so they can't have been that bad. Can they?