Chieftain pics wanted please!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by banjotrooper, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. Being dreadfully old and sad now, I am trying to find some quality Chieftain pics. Not museum pieces or Corporate day stuff, just good old fashioned, range, exercise and regimental stuff. Maybe even some BATUS pics, that would be great! Chally 2 all very well, but just something for the dinosaurs amonst us! Now where's my super 8 projector,ha! :lol:
  2. Try, there are two pages, the second page entitled MK 4-6 is of a 'Stillbrew' version from 1/4 RTR fitted with that utter shite kit called 'Simfics'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. [​IMG]


    Hope this helps.
  4. Talking bollox its not a 'stillbrew' version!
  5. And the Chinese Eye is in the wrong place!
  6. pic of chieftain in it's normal pose...broke down...lmao...Terry Ack**LL asleep on back decks 31A on Ex Iron Fist.Had a new pack,fan belt broke and no new belts in BAOR.[​IMG][/img]
  7. Looks like someone needs to re-take his ITD 5!!!!
  8. And I know someone who needs to do his BPFA and BCFT, oh sorry you can't can you - 'Raspberry Ripple'
  9. I've got loads Banjotrooper. I need to scan then but I'm quite willing to do so.
  10. [/quote]And I know someone who needs to do his BPFA and BCFT, oh sorry you can't can you - 'Raspberry Ripple'[/quote

    yeah thanks for that, guess thats 1-0 to you then!!

    I always thought it was no names no pack drill however i think maximum as just dobbed me in lol

    Didnt see you on NBC either come to think of it!!!!
  11. Doh_Nut, that picture is absoloutely magnificent. Good show that man!
  12. Do Nut, absolutely brilliant! I have never seen my wife looking so impressive,ha! 8O G Dav, am waiting mate and don't be too hard on 2nd tankie bloke, it's a genetic thing! :wink: M74, great one, just need a bit of that old Chieftain growl to go with it! :D
  13. Banjo, I'm getting my own scanner back from work tomorrow as I've found an A3 one to replace it (at last) and I'll scan loads for you. I've got a good mixture from Salisbury Plain, Soltau and the Dorbaum and one or two other places afaik.

    Surprised you don't have a million yourself mate.

    As for 2nd Tankie. It's all very well having a Nig around you but there comes a point in time when the senseless drivel has to be addressed. It was starting to feel like we had a Walt in our midst, although I know that's not the case.