Chieftain Iran-Iraq?

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By no means an expert, but as I understand it the poor quality of training and leadership on both sides meant that even the most limited manouverist armoured tactics were out of the question, so most tanks were dug in and used as static defenses and used more as artillery pieces.

I think that the Iranians did use some Chieftans to support their human-wave attacks while trying to break the stalemate, and briefly threatened to cut off Basra, but a combination of political squabbling and logistical cock-ups meant they failed to press home the advantage and it came to nothing.
The Iraqis used theirs as mobile pillboxes and strong-points to offset the Iranian superiority in numbers, which worked well from their point of view. Their leadership emasculated by a certain S Hussein, now deceased, was not up to sweeping armoured manouvres. Though to be fair with the size of frontier they were stretched for men, and the initial blitzkrieg was reasonably well planned, organized, and gained significant ground.

The Iraqis took advantage of the disarray in the Iranian forces caused by the Revolution and subsequent culling of the army which left them with a huge deficiency in leadership and experience at all levels. There wasn't the leadership to combat the Iraqis in any large-scale actions at first, and later on they simply lacked the expertise to use their remaining tanks correctly.

I recall a story in the initial attack when an Iraqi T72 came up to a Chieftain whose crew bailed out and buggered off, the commander leapt out, and proudly drove the captive tank back to his lines as a trophy. Sad end for a noble vehicle.

In short a no contest due to lack of experienced tankies on the Iranian side.
Heard one story from an ex asm who was briefed up by a human shield from granby teaching kuwaitis how to use chiefy. when the iraqi came screaming into kuwait, he dragged some guys who he had trained to man a chiefy with him as comander. Supposedly he held up the iragi for a couple of hours just fire amd manouvreing for a couple of hours destroying russki t55 and t72 left right and centre. Only bailing out after running empty on ammo only to be taken hostage for the duration.

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