Chieftain gun, thermal jacket!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by banjotrooper, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. Just spoke to my mate, who works at ABRO, in Bovvy. He has just read a report, that states the thermal jacket was made of asbestos. The jacket breaks down very easy and decomposes, when hot or constricted. Being an ancient Chieftain crewman, I slept on the back decks, gun rear, tent fasion many times! Wrapped up in our oily, wet slugs, we were probably breathing asbestos like fag smoke! Have no experience with Chally stuff, your views please gents? :?
  2. I don't remember the thermal sleeves being made of asbestos in the 70's and 80's. I certainly don't think they were anything other than robust. If you cast your mind back they were even re-inforced with wire. Can't remember ever having to change one because ot wore out - even at Demo Sqn.
  3. I quite agree, they were real tough bassterds! I think what he saying, is that they are made up of a composite material, containing asbestos, that gives off asbestos fibres or dust when heated or damaged. Considering it's job, asbestos would be a prime manufacturing material. :?
  4. Yes but I can distinctly remember one or two having the outside cover ripped in one or two places and I don't remember any asbestos? Of course Chieftain was around since 1965 so the early models may have.
  5. Well, one things for sure! The HEAT & AP didn't get us, but perhaps the drenching by diesel fuel, oils, grease, asbestos and organic ha, cheese and jam sarnies will! :lol:
  6. Cheese and jam sarnies - a la fingerprints. A meal fit for a king LOL
  7. Salmon and jam was the in thing in 3RTR.
  8. Did we get salmon in ration packs?
  9. Oh yes then I think they were replaced by pilchards in tomato sauce, 'Lefty' ex A Sqn 3 RTR should know his dvr put a can of them in his BV which exploded, the smell in his turret reminded me of the 'Eros Centre' in Hamburg on a busy night!
  10. Lefty went State purple in the turret I think?
  11. Pilchards I remember but the packs for that meal were post 1945 (this was in 1979), so I guess you were eating your way through the WW1 stuff before then?

    If it hadn't been for that fire in Donnington we'd still be eating the 1945 stuff now LOL
  12. I remember my first exercise `Red Rat`in ´74;I tried to trade 2 tins of 10 man-pack salmon for some eggs off a box-head farmer(just like in the ad.),my troop cpl,whose party piece used to be nutting his opponent 5 times,rather like a woodpecker,comes up to me and shouts`Fcuking sprog,if I ever hear you speaking german again ,i´ll kick your fcuking head in!`

    So much for encouraging the troops to meet the locals!! :oops:
  13. "Red Rat" - wasn't that a 7 Armd Bde scheme on Soltau?
  14. This one was up by Nienburg,we got moved up on trains and it took ages,spent the first week in ´lager´then went to move into killing ground positions,sitting in the gunners seat and the rain dripping down your neck for 14 hours!...........................luvly :lol:
  15. It was 7 Bde though? BTW, if you;d asked me I would have told you how to fit that commander's sight properly so you didn't get drips down the back of your neck. LOL

    I have to admit though, a wet back on a cold night is one of the most uncomfortable feelings.