Chieftain gate guard

Discussion in 'RAC' started by commander, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know of a Chieftain allgedly at a shopping centre near castlemartin? Only one I know of is in the square at Pembroke
  2. Not seen. We have a recently arrived Chieftan AVRE on guard at our gate. Looks splendid.

    AVRE Clicky
  3. Don't know about Pembroke but I've seen one at ATR Winchester and out in BATUS! :D
  4. There's a Chieftain gate guard at the RMLY RHQ in Telford.

  5. Thanks guys for that, did not know about the RMLKY one. It was specific to Castlemartin though. There is one in Pembroke that I know, reason for asking is someone says they are buying one from a shopping centre via MoD at castlemartin. Now unless the place has shot up in the last two years castlemartin does not boast a shopping centre.
  6. Isn't Telford just one big shopping centre anyway? - That must be the on you're on about?!
  7. Yes but it could hardly be classed as quote"just outside Castlemartin" could it :D :D :D
  8. [​IMG]

    As you said Telford is a long way but there it is anyway!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Bovvy thanks but those pages are actually mine from the early draft of my book and were used without permission by several people.
  10. 32 many many thanks for the piccy, all I need now is the VRN for it and the book list can be updated again!!!
  11. Will attempt to get it after Easter break for you.
  12. Its at ASDA in Haverford West
  13. Telford Chieftain might get a few grey haired visitors in May,11H OCA reunion in town of no pavements in May.
  14. If your looking for a chieftain you can go and have a rummage in (With the permission of the landowner) go and visit this place...

    There is an old Abbot there as well you can rummage inside. Be advised they are completely trashed inside and are not in an original or particularly pleasant condition.

    Some kid has pictures of the tank on a website somewhere from when he went to have a look at it, I'll lookup the website and post it if I can find it.