Chieftain Drivers Cab

Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Apr 2, 2011.

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  1. Spent many a happy/hot/wet/cold hour in this not one so clean though. Anyone got any turret pictures of the same standard?

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  2. Where'sthe CD player?
  3. No cup holders?
  4. And I don't like the colour, might give it a miss and buy a Corsa instead!
  5. Dont need one Helen Mirran drops chocolate from her naked body into the hatch... that mightve been a dream though:)
  6. Batteries should be them 'orrible black ones
  7. So true, never seen grey just ruins the artistic balance of the whole experiance... and the sweat of taking the fooking things out. We had a big U bar with hooks on the end to do the job. I was told it was an RH invention but expect there might be some lesser fractional cavalry reg that will try and take the glory :)
  8. I used to work on AVRE's and AVLAB's and I had a similar hooky thingy made for me by the metalsmith(REME see?) as when I first joined I was a VE. Them black batts cost me several sets of kit because of acid spilliage.
  9. Know-nothing twat, the music(cassette type first generation boogie boxes)was provided from the op/loaders position or, in my case the commanders.
  10. Are the cylindrical containers on each side for smoke launcher cartridges? Seems an odd place to keep them. Why is there no anti-spall fabric on the inside of the hull? I thought that was common to this vintage of armour..... :?
  11. How many times did you read "Reverse this plate for main engine" or "Reverse this pate for GUE"

    Happy days
  12. Main armament projectile stowage
  13. There is - it's the flesh(ish) coloured stuff
  14. Would that be for "reserve" ammunition then? Seems a bit out of the way.....
  15. Break out the ABBA!:)