Chieftain Dozer Tanks

Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Jul 16, 2006.

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  1. When we got to Fally in 81 I was given C Sqns SHQs 3rd tank (3C) to drive and this was the troop Sgt's which had a dozer blade fitted to it. It didn't work at all and I thought it should so set about the job. Biggest problem was the LAD funnily enough because when I went to see them about the hydraulic pack they laughed and said "it don't work mate never has and never will, leaks like a Hamburg tart". Didn't want to leave it there so badgered them to fix it and ordered stuff from the ISPLs in the tech stores until the damned thing WAS working. The other charlie drivers in the regiment got wind of this and fixed those as well including the 2i/cs tank (whose call sign escapes me.)

    The result of this was that Brigade setup a demonstration on Soltau of how long can it take 5 dozer tanks to break through a ditch and bank they had built on the training area using the Engineers. We did a good job but were opened up. The bl00dy controls were hard enough then christ knows how hard it would have been closed down! You could only really take the top soil off on any dig, if you went deeper the L60 used to burst into tears and run home to mummy.

    Has anyone else used this and what was the result?


    Edit due to spazzy smelling
  2. Haha, nope. Never used one and glad I'm not old enough to have.
  3. Harsh But fair! :D
  4. Was in Bovy tank museam first half of June while on holiday in the area with the kids, saw them using one to level some ground outside the museam near the dispaly area, asked them what it was like to use, was told and I quote ....... Only good for leveling the top soil and leaks like a Hamburg tart :)

  5. I got my track licence in one of these. There is a square metal block sticking up in the middle for some reason; excellent foresight for new drivers.
  6. Dozer tanks?
    3RTR got to Tidworth in late 76 and the 4/7th handed us a cent dozer as 3C (complete with CES hammocks!) after we'd handed them a(blade knackered) chieftain in Fally!! the cent was good though, surprisingly!!!
    When we eventually got a chieftain dozer it was a pain in the haemorroidal region!!! Blade hydraulics were about as much use as wangers on a flatfish!!! We were hammering down a battlerun at Castlemartin when..............a bounce caused the blade to jump out the locks and drop and dig in at an inopportune moment!! the gunner's and commander's sights becoming an integral part of their craniums. Only way to raise the blade was for the panzer to thrust the blade up a nearby tree trunk looking probably like an elephant mounting a stick insect!!!
    BATUS? Yes 3C was a star - hydraulics fixed in the field we sallied forth then middle of scheme - Anglians wanted some scrapes for their 432 GPMG turret thingies. We got there but - 1C got lost en route in the dark! Then a green torch carrying grunt led us over the top of an entire company's foxholes the result being shadowy figures running and screaming into the dark but........... we dug scrapes and lots and lots of them without a problem. People shouldn't think of the blade as a 'dozer' but as more of a scraper. We just kept pushing earth forwards until it built up a protective screen to the front of the position. To be fair I had no problems with the hydraulics (top up and motor on) for about 3 hours. It did eventually throw it's hand in which gave us another fcukin trees to mount!!!! One friendly grunt 434 lift later we were on the way - blade shagged for rest of med man!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent piece of kit/table for cooking and occasional washing or cam net carrying though!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. :D . Did notice that the hydraulic locks were a bit dodgey. This didn't help when someone else got in and forgot to lift the blade before depressing and forced it down. Also it was a pain the bum when track bashing cos you had to drop it every time. My enthusiasm did wain though when I was told I would have to go round any future battle positions and dig scrapes for the rest of the Sqn :eek:
  8. I had one in Warminster briefly. It made the front suspension very spongy and it was for ever springing leaks on the hydraulics. OM18 spraying everywhere. When that panzer was backloaded I think the blade was fitted to the 2 i/c's. Let the officer have it LOL.
  9. I remember Fally 76 and some General bloke coming over to inspect our Sqn. Well, our Mk 2xy Chieftains were pretty crap in those days, but we all fell about laughing, when he asked to see SHQ's dozer tank do a demo. We couldn't get the tank to start or move, but somehow, the dozer blade went up and down like a yoyo until it fell off! Off walked one un impressed General :? :x
  10. That's true. It was a 3XY we had it on in Warminster when the rest of the kit was Mk5.
  11. BanjoTrooper- mate you must remember how we prepped for handover to the 4th/7th at Fally in 76? Everything was just so................not by the book!!!!!!! everything was so Green and Black.............then ...................just Green then........................Green and Black AGAIN!!! even Plod got painted and stood in the Sqn bar crying that night!
    Stan the man and I prepped - 3C as I recall - no AL 3 for the coolant header tank - but - mixed green and yellow paint looked the part at least!!!!!!!!!! Can't imagine how the tank performed though!!! Either way it was better then what the 4 and 7's left C Sqn at Tidworth - 3C ....Cent Dozer - and 3 Chieftains in the hanger and one of those had an idler missing and the track laid out at the back (on the ground) talk about slack to the back!!!!!! The rest of the Squadron was parked outside HQ LAD...........awaiting spares. "Gawd bless the 70's Labour party and all who sailed in her!!!!" The wagons had also not been washed down due to a drought but, mud alone would have been better than the lumpy derv soaked heaps we found!!
    What was/is it with visits? Chieftain's dogged unreliability always came to the fore at the worst moment!
    Back end of the 80s C Sqn 3RTR was tasked with supplying a chieftain at the Panzer training battalion at Augustdorf for an open weekend. I, as a hun speaker was to accompany said wagon! Strangely enough, we didn't have to prep a vehicle till it was a gleaming example of steel rubbed with derv!!! Why? Well because we were due a base workshop overhauled example of British might from Wette!!!!
    On the Friday the vehicle pulled up amidst much ooooohhhhiiiinnngggg and aaaaahhhhhhhhiiiiing at Paderborn. We organised the Tank to stay on the transporter on the Friday night and simply went with it next day.
    We pulled up at the stand we'd been allotted directly opposite a row of immaculate Leo 2s!!!
    The Chieftain did it's normal bellowing, smoke belching and generally clanking affairs as the ME fired up. Then.....................................not a fcukin thing more!!!!!! We couldn't get it to reverse!!!! I ended up inevitably, upside down in the transmission fumbling behind the transmission trying to get it in emergency reverse.....which, amid much cursing, I did. We then simply reversed off and let the transporter pull off.............mainly cos we now couldn't go forward to manouvre properly.
    But, we were immediately swamped by a platoon of German Tank conscripts seemingly amazed..........mainly at the Brit crew's prowess at rectifying problems themselves? We were treated to a tour and drive of Leopard 2 and then, as they were still so new, the hun sealed them off and wouldn't let any civvies get within heaving bratwurst range!!! Priviledged we indeed were. People crawled all over our beast all weekend and tech stores got the demand sheet to prove it when we had most anything not bolted down lifted from the vehicle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How they got it all out without us noticing I can't understand!!!!
  12. Chieftain must of been the worst, smelliest, oily, cold, wet, uncomfortable, useless tank in the whole world at that time! It just beggars belief, what would of happened, if the balloon went up! :x :oops: I still have nightmares about being swamped by thousands of gallons of derv on rolling re plens and tri flex bolts send me into a cold sweat! I drive a chieftain for a job now in civvyland, but when the beast does not want to play, (most days) I just mark it on the job sheet (Chieftain fcuked again) and swap it for a 432 or ferret. I go home, come back and all is well! :D Deffinately not like in the stupid army,ha! :wink:
  13. By heck, on our dinky toys a dozer blade was me with a shovel :D :D

    When we did training on chiefys before moving to Bovvy, our D&M instructor told us that we wouldnt be doing any training on Dozers as they never worked anyway
  14. Nah, you're just an old mummy's boy. Chieftain was a doddle. Especially after the L60 upgrade to 850bhp. No more oil, no more breakdowns. From 7a on she was a helluva good machine.

    Mind you a wee heater would not have gone amiss in the winter LOL
  15. We got one of those here, maybe we just got a bad one! :x It,s still as bad as my old 2XY! :wink: