Chieftain AVLB & TITAN Parafil ropes Failure

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by admag, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. Anybody who utilises this equipment seek out BAE Safety Notice SN0214.

    This SN is to be copied to all subject vehicle log books.

    Not the usual enlightening post on ARRSE, but just as useful!
  2. that would be Bovy then...where, no doubt, this problem belongs and will be sorted.....what's the point of putting it on here anyway? :roll:
  3. Why, because the parafil ropes have failed when used to scissor the bridge when launching and recovering the No 10 CSB !

    and it's not just bovvy, LWC BG RE CS Troop, 21 & 22 Engr Regt have them, to name a few and with naive responses like yours, it makes others think why bother.

  4. Not so much naive but rather tired when i read your post :wink: ...hence why i didn't read the title correctly....the TITAN part of your title jumped out at me...but still...i'm sure this info will be disseminated through the tech bulletins and kit mag (like it will be). I can see why you decided to put it on here.....but....maybe it's a bit too much The next time there is a failing on cheiftain brake pads (like there will be) should i mention it again on here? everybody and his uncle will be passing it down through the normal channels :wink: