chieftain arrv vrns

Discussion in 'REME' started by 00eb85, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. did you know that there is a full list of all the chieftain arrvs that the reme had including the dates that they had them and where they were at the time theyhad them as i have put them on the reccy mech pnp website i hope they jog someones memory
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    Jesus fcuking wept.

    This is the ELEVENTH thread you have opened on the same bloody subject!!!

    Also, have you heard of punctuation?

  3. Fugly, you are a nkob
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    Thank you.

  5. i was part of the project team that shipped them off to sunny Jordan, i have no paperwork now as i am out of the army, if you contacted the Disposal Sales Agency they may give you a record of all VRN's that were sent to Jordan. If you PM me i'll give you the name of the guy in DSA that dealt wih it.
  6. Have you tried contacting AS90 units for help. They only got rid of theirs a few years back if I remember correctly.
  7. Always thought the term ARRV came in during the Challenger deployment.
    Before this the humble ARV was the order of the day.
  8. FFS leave the guy alone. Lots of people can't spell or punctuate, it doesn't mean they can't enjoy this site. Lowest of the fucken low to start correcting someone's grammar on a squaddy website.

    Also, he's new so cut him some slack. He can open as many threads as he wants - if you don't like it you don't have to post on them. I mean, since when did MODS appoint you as the fucken thread police?
  9. The REME Cheiftain varients were classified as ARV's, Armoured Recovery Vehicles in the early days. They were re classified as ARRV's Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicles when they had an Atlas crane fitted.

    i dont know when this happened exactly, some boffins on here will know no doubt
  10. The ARRV's appeared when a regt. changed from chieftain => Chally. A 432 'Tiffy bus' & 2 ARRV's made up the fitter section.