Chieftain, ....almost the end of an era

Discussion in 'RAC' started by G_O_D_is_Armoured, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. i was asked to copy my Topic from the sappers section to here, as some of the older ones will remember these ......good ol Girls, albeit not in this Guise.........

    the original topic can be found here......

    Chieftain in Sappers link

    Seeing as most of the chieftains are now parked up...retired, and more than likely destined for a life as targets on the ranges, i thought id add a few recent pics that ive taken...Recently i was up at Ashchurch obtaining some well needed spares for the 4x remaining vehicles in service, 2x AVRE and 2x AVLB

    Few Pics of the retired vehicles at Depot awaiting Disposal




    i thought for those that have spent a many a sleepless night doing pack lifts may have some good ol pics to post

    Tommorow on the Firepower Demonstration at Warminster, i will be doing the last Python shoot (trg) done with the AVRE,.......its last possible fascine drop was done on Wednesday!

    AVRE 01EB21 on its penultimate Python Shoot (Today 10/10/07)


    the 4 chieftains left @ warminster are due to be retired in the new year
  2. Now there won't be a dry eye in the place when those last dinosaurs are put out grass, lots of hard work & sheer determination (not to mention green string, D10 & harry black maskers) to keep those old swines on the road.

    Enough of the sentiment, get them down the right end of the range & fill them full of holes.

  3. How many thousands of gallons of oil, lie under the soil in Germany and England, will in the future Esso think they have found a gold mine, was the Chieftan thinking of preserving the future, by depositing oil at the drop of the hat.

    Ive seen new seals fitted and bloody oil leaking straightaway, causing fitters to throw tools at the tank and kick it.
  4. great wonderfull machines,, luckily there are more than a few in private hands to keep old tankies happy in years to come..
    first thing i ever drove was a cheiftain...
    first road accident....cheiftain....
    great times......
  5. RIP machines of war. You have served us well, beyond your time.

    Enjoyed supporting you, recovering you, fixing you and towing you
    (Although a little too often towards the end)

    Farewell my friend
  6. Drove one once. Just round the hardstanding in low gear. AWESOME! would have loved to take one cross country.

  7. So would most of the tankies in Canada...but most never got of the dust bowl.....
  8. A couple of pictures I took back in 2004 when we were loading loads of bits on to boats bound for Jordan :(



  9. WTF is the vehicle in the middle? (i.e to the right of the second pillar from the left.

    It looks familiar but I just can't place it. Seems an odd chassis. The 1-2-2-1 road wheel arrangement suggests challenger but it doesn't seem right for some reason I can't decide on.....
    Perhaps the perspective is fooling me as to the size and it's a WR based thing!
  10. TITAN next Q is who takes on the title of Antiques Road show now Titan & trojan are rockin in,
    looking at the pics next the idea for RE vehs was stolen from Robot wars watch out here comes Matilda, sgt killalot etc,
    bet we see their names on the Wedgies kit now just off to suggest it on their site,
  11. [​IMG][/img]


  12. Hi all
    We are a military Veh club ( and we have two chieftains,one was in the film "Rain of fire" and the other was one of three chieftains used in the Bond film "Golden eye " No 64 . The problem is the turret will not power traverse,all that happens when you try is that the main gun goes to full stumped or stupid? any tips, :(
  13. Try posting this in the REME forum, might get some help from some older members in there.
  14. :D Many thanks mate done and dusted