chieftain....almost the end of an era

Seeing as most of the chieftains are now parked up...retired, and more than likely destined for a life as targets on the ranges, i thought id add a few recent pics that ive taken...Recently i was up at Ashchurch obtaining some well needed spares for the 4x remaining vehicles in service, 2x AVRE and 2x AVLB

Few Pics of the retired vehicles at Depot awaiting Disposal

i thought for those that have spent a many a sleepless night doing pack lifts may have some good ol pics to post

Tommorow on the Firepower Demonstration at Warminster, the last Python shoot (trg) done with the AVRE, will take place.......its last possible fascine drop was done on Wednesday!

AVRE 01EB21 on its penultimate Python Shoot (Today 10/10/07)

the 4 chieftains left @ warminster are due to be retired in the new year
Dirty smelly bits of kits,which leaked oil, chugged along like they were on 60 a day, still thought they were great though. (id crosspost this onto RAC forum btw)
looks like its the old in with the new in your first pic, as it looks like a Titan or a Trojan in the centre of the pic.
In the 2nd two pictures Chieftain doing what it does best, leaking!
Is that livers with a tear in his eye in the first pic 8O :?
yup there is a Titan and trojan also at ashchurch.... 2 of the trials vehicles

01FD80, was the layer i was on in Op Granby, was so chuffed to find it at Ashchurch
Many a fond memory of the smelly things. The AVLB in the above pictures was in my troop during GW1, mine was two up. (82). Which I believe was the last reg for a Mk5 AVLB. I might be a sad git as I have a photo of an AVLB as my background on my works laptop. :oops:
I can't help thinking it's a pity GDav is not here to see this (or is he?)
Thanks for all the fond memories.

I would love to do a Clarkson and buy one as a garden ornament but mrs RM may not be happy.
Well the final shoot today went well.....

Ensured the pilot was strapped on..wasnt going to take any chances, wanted to make sure it went exactly where i wanted it

the last time, you will see python on the CH AVRE

i managed to get the final shoot on video....

anyone else got some Photos for prosperity
feckin tankies :x :wink: :x :wink:

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