Chiefs apology for bomber gaffe - why?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lord_Wentworth, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. An average dinner party joke has created a sh*tstorm of Politically Correct do-gooding.

    What is wrong with this country? Now we can't even take the piss out of suicide bombers for fear of offending someone. I'm sure that half the people reacting to this sort of thing with indignation should ask themselves, "am I really offended, or am I actually displaying learnt behaviour?". I'm sure if they looked hard at themselves they would realise they are offended because they think that they ought to be not because they really are.

    Last year suicide bombers killed 50 people, yet it is "wrong" to laugh at them. Imagine if during WW2 people were told, "don't take the piss out of the krauts incase anyone takes offence".

    What a joke.

    This is the Emperor's new clothes. When will someone say, "hang on, he's naked/PC is arrse".
  2. Making fun of adversity and adversaries is the British way yet we seem to have to bow down to the sterile humourless PC minority these days
  3. If he specifically stated AQ fathers then what is the problem. He did not say muslim fathers. Had he done so then quite rightly muslims could claim to be upset. How can a muslim be upset about a comment about an organisation the vast majority state they do not support?
  4. Cracking tag line - loved it :D
  5. It is PC gone mad but perhaps if he'd bothered to find a funny joke it would have been better
  6. Lmao, fair shout.

    Are the government afraid that it might offend suicide bombers?
  7. Jealous now that I didn't think of it.
    Apologise YES, meant it NO.
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  9. Brilliant Pillager. Did you make that up yourself!!!?
  10. Pigdog Pillager,vas ist your name zo das you to vill go on ze list!!
  11. Don't tell him pike.
  12. It was mine yes, hence the lack of punctuation and random capitals, Im a flid, Im not proud!
  13. Good one pillager (no offence to those who steal or rob from empty premises and people after a conflict or simlar devastation) It was a shame that the Plod told such an amusing ditty to such a borring crowd, he must realise that whatever he does, he will always be a target and simlarly he has no chance of making real friends with any of the people who criticise him. Consequently he shouldn't try and entertain them - he should police them.
  14. Pillager,

    Unless your mother actually took the drug Thalidomide then you would be unwise to describe yourself as a Flid - you may upset someone!

  15. Shona Robison, Scottish National Party MSP for Dundee East, said:

    "It was a deeply offensive comment but he has apologised and I hope he has learned from this mistake."

    How? It was a joke about a terrorist organisation?

    The real problem my bold

    A senior police officer has apologised for a remark he made about young suicide bombers while addressing lawyers at a gala dinner.

    Personally I can't see anything wrong with the joke but then a Scottish MP/MSP/MEP/oxygen theif also made a group of bobbies apologise for reading FHM in the back of a cop van whilst guarding the G8 conference. (some of this may be wrong, but it is quite a while ago).