Chief the General Staff Speech at RUSI Land Warfare Conference

The Chief of the General Staff General Sir Patrick Sanders' speech at the RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2022.

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Very interesting!
Whole Fleet Management for the chop and anyone who thinks he can carve out a career polishing a chair is getting a nasty surprise.
But given we have an army that has no centre of mass and (almost) no equipment that belongs to this century and half of it also genuinely features in museums, how is this going to work in practice?


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It's pretty much a U turn on the integrated operating concept - whatever that was.
I suspect there will be some reorganisation - I hope including the abandonment of light role infantry and a lot of speaking truth to power.
As Sanders was being run for CDS and the PM preferred Radkin, he's a CGS with no future ambition who Wallace and No 10 may find hard to muzzle.

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