Chief Petty Officer Jailed For Child Abuse

Hang the sick cnut.

As an aside, I do hate it when, yet again, its the EX Serviceman bit, never happens to an ex bin man or ex shop worker.
I know the offences occurred when he was serving, but not soley surely
I assume he wasn't in the 'Made in the Royal Navy' recruiting campaign? 14 years for that,probably out in 12 or less. He should never see the outside of a prison again. Sentence guidelines have to be looked at again for offences like this.
Be surprised if he does 6
First parole hearing - denied
Second parole hearing - been a good boy, seen the error of my ways, attended anger management, attended SOTP..crack on


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Far too lenient a sentence. The law is a ass.
Psych report says he will always remain a threat to children & showed no remorse.
14 years is nowhere near enough & he should have been given at least as long as Ian Watkins.
Whoever decides to let him out will bear moral responsibility for whatever he does.


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Law broken, suspect arrested. Prisoner sentenced ,all as per the book so far , once in prison the "fringe benefits" for child molesters start to happen. He may need to avoid any out of sight areas of HMP.
Not any more, they stick em all in the same place.......

Rule 45 (formerly Rule 43) has much diminished:(


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I doubt it, all the prisoners would escape.

It'd keep the guards distracted from my 'dig a tunnel that's hidden behind a poster with a rock hammer' scheme if ever incarcerated though.

Proper prior planning and all that.
It's occasions like this that make me wish there were still places like the solitary cells in Alcatraz.


When that outer door closes, you are utterly alone, left to reflect on the error of your ways. I don't think anyone ever got more than a few months in the "hole". So 14 years seems about right to me.
Why the negative rating?

Do you think this piece of dirt should be allowed out in seven years so he can rape more babies?