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Or do you mean Chief Staff Officer? Otherwise the Chief of Naval Staff is 1SL, you could ring him up and ask him.


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Chief Staff Officer and Chief of Staff are similar roles and JDP 003 and 005 give the more detailed answer (why does no one but me read our own doctrine? - JDP 4 Understanding anyone????).
(why does no one but me read our own doctrine? - JDP 4 Understanding anyone????).
The British write some of the best doctrine in the world; it is fortunate
that their officers do not read it.
Attributed to Colonel (later Field Marshal) Erwin Rommel
There's no Job Description of a CoS in JDP 3-00 or 5-00; there is a description of what they do in the Estimate process, but not in the rest of the cat herding time. It doesn't matter, I've found one now!
How’s about this for a starter, obviously there will be nuances for each different job and people can feel free to add as they see fit:
· Principal staff officer in the HQ
· Responsible for implementing the decisions of the commander
· Directs, coordinates, prioritises and supervises all activities of the HQ staff and ensures that the best and most timely staff work is produced
· Formulates and announces policies for the general operations of the staff, provides priorities, general guidance and advice to subordinates
· Ensures that all published instructions are in accordance with in place policies
· Directs such investigations as may be required within his field of responsibility
Additional responsibilities
· Legal authority held to sign of behalf of the commander
· Budget authority held, what level and authority to sign off – limits etc
· Authority to sign on behalf of the commander for LOAs, MOU, Purchasing contracts and employment contracts
· Message release authority for matters affecting the HQ

Not an exhaustive list by any means but something to build on taking in consideration advice on previous posts.

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