Chief of Staff DEME(A) looks at Arrse!

Discussion in 'REME' started by catchyerselfon, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. He started the TFI Friday thread...keep up!!
  2. how come you've read July's mag, it's not August yet!
  3. Cracking title - does the Brig know his No2 is looking at his Arrse
  4. He is called No 2 for a very good reason!
  5. Bl00dy hell, my promotions are coming through thick and fast these days - from Tiff to Corps 2I/C in a matter of days, fantw@tingtastic.
  6. Question then is who is he?
  7. He could just be a guest visitor, or maybe he's bluffing his way by saying he's off to Oz :).......
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    Posted: 19 Jun 2006 19:47

    Ok, we've all read what some perceive as the worst things happening to the Corps.
    Tell me its not all bad right, what are we doing right??
    "Twist to Open!"

    my guess is this may be him?!? :?
  9. The man is clearly a Badger!
  10. Why thank you Outstanding you're very kind.....I've been called far worse than that in the past!
  11. A rare breed much sought after and admired.
  12. And no doubt will be again in the future.......