Chief of Staff DEME(A) looks at Arrse!

Guest Editorial of The Craftsman (REME Monthly Magazine)
Pg 282 July Issue
We pop up in the funniest of places.

".......we kept in touch with issues mainly through the Army Rumour Service website,....."

"My only concern with going to HQ DEME(A) was that according to the REME section of the Army Rumour Service website, everyone posted there instantly turns into a 'waster', regardless of where they have come from."
(His italics)

See someone does read those editorials!
Don't read anything that waster writes... :D
So DEME(A) mongs it on Arrse with the rest of us.

Didn't he start the 'where have all the drinkers gone' thread?
Of course DEME(A) mongs are on this website, as are the losers at MCM div, and the choppers at the Reme Arms School, not to mention the thickie RS, the greasy VMs and for good measure, some f^&*ing incompetent Ruperts as well.

That's the great thing about this site, you can really get a flavour of what people are thinking.

By the way, I don't mean what I wrote the first paragraph - so no offense is intended - just doing it to illustrate a point.
hope he does might pick up a few things on what ground level thinks seemed ok other month when met him wanted to look at problems it was others around him who were checking watches and doing cut it signs

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