Chief Justice Rehnquist dead at 80

Ha! Shotgun Rehnquist, got there first.

Two empty seats on the U.S. Supreme Court - that'll change things.

What do the Yanks among us think?
Great loss! The Chief Justice was a great man and a great mind, thoughts and prayers with his family and friends.

cheesypoptart said:
Ha! Shotgun Rehnquist, got there first.
Not sure I understand you "Ha" or your shotgun statement. Is a bit odd and maybe lost in translation, but personally I find a "Ha" in announcement of the death of a person slightly repugnant.


War Hero
YANK60 said:
If Bush can get some conservatives in there, we'll see some changes.
Yeh like an end to the seperation between church and state
luke said:
YANK60 said:
If Bush can get some conservatives in there, we'll see some changes.
Yeh like an end to the seperation between church and state
Is no such thing written in the Constitution, is a creation by the Supreme court. Your moronic statement actually proved yank60's point. 8O
Religion has no role in provision of state services. End of story. If the US Supreme Court insisted on a judicial seperation, then they'd good reason, and still do. Religion is spiritual, and basicly stays private. Politics is about power, and should stay public.

While you might be very aware of religion, you might be less aware of the damage religious inspired meddling: From 'Intellegent design' whatever that means, to preventing sex education in secondary schools, to preventing condoms being sold, to criminalising anything that religious nutters believe is wrong.- Divorce, etc. Keep religion in the home and church by all means possible, but not the court or government.

There are some changes needed: Like some roleback in Abortion law seems needed, along with more limitations on death penalty. For the same reasons: Right to life. Maybe increased givt funding for religious schools in deprived areas, for the social good they provide.

The only thing worse that a religious fanatic, is an organised religious fanatic with power.

About Chief Rehnquist: Made many decisions, and if everybody agreed with every one of them, there'd be something wrong.


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Proof positive that sarcasm doesn't work on the internet.
My guess is that Congress is going to come to a grinding halt pretty soon. The democrats might have gritted their teeth and let Roberts through but the thought of two conservatives being appointed by Bush will not sit well with Hilary and her colleagues. They can't stop it happening so their only choice is let it pass and be seen as weak by their myopic supporters or to bring the Senate to an undignified crawl and block everything they can.

What a boost for the clowns in Kansas and the rest of the states who can finally see the teaching of evolution banned. Probably go back to having pi = 4 as well.

Look no further than the mess that was made of handling Katrina for what "conservative values" means to the people at the bottom of the pile in the USA - i.e. the bottom 98% by income!
Interresting move on Bush's part "renominating" Roberts to Chief Justice today.

The Dems in the Senate were already saying he would pass and they would leave the real fight for Rehnquist's successor. Seeing that O'Connor has not yet retired and offered to stay on until her vacancy was filled, Roberts can be confirmed and the President can then go about the business of filling O'Connor's seat.

The dems are reeling right now over this move by Bush; to obstruct Roberts now would show them for the @sses they are.

BTW: The Chief Justice position is a ceremonial and administrative position. The Chief Justice has no more weight when it comes to deciding issues then the other 8 Justices, he too only has a single vote. Be interresting to see how the Dems handle this, I'm sure it will be quite amussing..:D

Out flanked once again by a Texan, all those uppity east and west coast liberals must be just furious :lol:
YANK60 said:
I agree changes need to be made in capital punishment. I think we should bring back hanging.

None too bright are you? Backward countries should ban it and join the ranks of the (partially) civilised. Still, you may get your wish if America continues hurtling towards absolute ignorance.
ctauch said:
Out flanked once again by a Texan, all those uppity east and west coast liberals must be just furious :lol:
First of all, isn't it possible that the Democrats are letting Roberts in because he's a decent guy who you may not always agree with but, hell, the only guys you always agree with are sycophants? Isn't it possible that there isn't a Clash of Civilizations going on between the Republicans and the Democrats?

I hate to go off topic, but what the hell, I started it :).

As a recent emigre to the East Coast, I have to say I was startled how droll many people here find the talk about that big blob from Ohio to Utah and North Dakota to Texas being America's "heartland".
If you watch Fox News and the 700 Club long enough, you'll get the impression that this "heartland" is in some titanic struggle against the decadent, homosexual coastal states (as opposed to the Islamists, who fight against the decadent, homosexual...never mind). What's the deal with that?

I travelled through the Midwest and found it to be utterly bland. The further inland you go, the less history there is, the more you find giant malls as the focal point of regional life; there's a reason why the Mall of America is in the Midwest, I found, although Minneapolis-St. Paul itself is a beacon of what an ideal Midwestern city should be like with its universities, art galleries and sports facilites.
Growing up, I always saw the Midwest as the place where humble folks came from, people who respected g-d and each other.

I arrived to find that many young men want to be angry rednecks, despite the fact they're thousands of miles away from Bayou country.
To find that most people are good, decent Christians, but their spiritual leaders are like the bloody Taliban. If Americans complain about Muslims letting Bin Laden speak for them, they need to look at Pat Robertson first. At least Islam never claimed to be about peace and tolerance, but angry Christians...I've never been more disappointed in people who claimed to be so pieous and yet confuse this with righteousness.

There are so many more fat people in Minnesotan towns than on the East Coast, and I mention Minnesota because despite their size and consumption-focused lives, at least those people are damn nice. Unlike the 'Texans'.

'Texans' seem to the new 'Californians', filled with the arrogance and swagger that makes people hate America. Loud, obnoxious and for the most part not from the actual state, these people have taken a note from Dubya and proclaimed Texas their home. The funniest one I met at West Point. He wore a cowboy hat, talked with a texan drawl, and had the anger and arrogance to shake the world. He hailed from Chicago.
So, why are these people trying to invent their own culture war? Aren't their problems with blacks and hispanics enough for them?

By and large, Midwestern people are gentler, more community oriented than their supposed rivals on the coast. Yet you also have to see them for what they are: not the great thinkers, not the great scientists and economists. Those guys may often hail from the Midwest, but they live in Sillicon Valley and Manhatten. There's a reason for that: Because that's where America's heartland is.

America's original heartland is the North East, because that's where America started: its ideals, its culture, its constitution. If you want to find current America's heartland, you want to look for where the cultural trends originate: fashion, pop culture, culinary trends, economic boomtowns.
The cultural capitals of the States remain coastal cities like New York and Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston.
The great economic powerhouse is still California and other coastal states follow suit. Oregon is meant to be the best place to live. High tech booms close to the Atlantic and the Pacific. Foreign tourists don't want to visit the world's largest thermometer in Kansas, they want Disney in Florida and the aquarium in Monterey.
So, what's the deal with this "America's heartland" talk? Isn't it more about "America's Christian Land"?

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