Chief constable to retire with immediate effect

Powys County Times said:
Breaking news: chief constable retires with immediate effect

DYFED Powys Police force's chief constable, who had been under investigation, has retired with immediate effect.
Terence Grange, 58, announced his retirement during an ongoing inquiry into alleged financial irregularities and misuse of the police computer system.

Acting Deputy Chief Constable Andy Edwards reaffirmed that the Dyfed Powys Police Force would continue to maintain its high standards while the search for a new Chief Constable began.

He said "The force has an enviable reputation for performance and enjoys a close relationship with its many communities throughout the force area. None of that will be compromised as a result of Mr Grange's retirement, following his long and successful association with the force.

"He leaves the organisation with another outstanding year's figures in respect of all aspects of operational performance."

The announcement was confirmed by the Dyfed-Powys Police Authority, which said it had accepted with regret his retirement with immediate effect.

It said Mr Grange "had indicated that he had allowed his private life to interfere with his professional role".

The statement added: This has led the Police Authority to consider the Chief Constable's position and it was considered to be appropriate toaccept his retirment.

"In accepting his retirment, the Authority thanked Mr Grange for the leadership which he had brough to the force maintaining its position as one of the best performing in England and Wales."

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is investigating allegations against Mr Grange.

The IPCC said: "Although the chief constable has now retired the IPCC is continuing its independent investigation into alleged financial irregularities.

"It would be inappropriate for the IPCC to comment further at this stage but it will make a detailed public statement in due course."

Last Thursday the IPCC announced it was investigating an unnamed Dyfed-Powys officer over "misuse of the police computer system and alleged financial irregularities".

On Monday the IPCC confirmed Mr Grange is that officer.

For more on this story, see Friday's County Times

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... odd that this man, well know in this area for strange policing decisions, is investigated for financial irregularities and misuse of police computer systems, but is allowed to resign :mad:
I hope that allegations of dishonestly are followed up.

I don't care about the " long and successful association with the force."

In no way should he be let off with anything. I take it he is hoping for a more lenient investigation if he goes now. I take it as an early guilty plea.
Was probably all sorted out and squared off over a brandy and a funny handshake at his local lodge meeting.......I jest not! 8O
Why are these beyond the law types allowed to 'retire'. Surely they should be forced to remain in the service until they are dealt with.
Lets have a coup................................NOW.


Book Reviewer
He's taken the 'honorable' way out it would seem. I'm glad that the police can deal with crime in such a manner.

"Yes, you've got me square and fair gov., it's a fair cop. So, I'll pack up my swag bag, stop robbing banks and you'll let me off yeah? Great, thanks".
Financial irregularities huh? well who can blame him for going on the fiddle, it must be tough trying to make ends meet on a paltry £117.468 PA.
Hopefully, this will be investigated further and a more appropriate punishment will be forthcoming.
The Daily Hate mentions inappropriate e-mails to a female member of staff as well as financial irregularities, so I doubt whether Mrs Grange is that chuffed. Prison might be a more peaceful option.
Is it something to do with safeguarding pensions? ISTR that if you are dismissed for "conduct unbecoming" or whatever it is, then your pension is forfit, while if you retire, then your pension is OK?

The UK is not the only place it happens, a Garda Supernetdant was recently allowed to resign before a court case for drink-driving and failing to provide a specimen.
IIRC Terry Grange was the Association of Chief Police Officers' member with responsibility for child protection issues. He infamously suggested that men should not be 'criminalised' for having sex with children as young as 9 years old!

Is there any more information about exactly how he 'misused' police computer systems?
Biped said:
He's taken the 'honorable' way out it would seem. I'm glad that the police can deal with crime in such a manner.

"Yes, you've got me square and fair gov., it's a fair cop. So, I'll pack up my swag bag, stop robbing banks and you'll let me off yeah? Great, thanks".
If he had really taken the honourable way out then we would be reading his obiturary not his retirement speech.
I don't think the IPCC will be letting him off the hook to be honest.
Pah! go back to the old days I say and have ex- ruperts as Chief Constables. They would be perfect, Pimms, drinks parties canapes school fetes that sort of thing. SUUUUPER.

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