Chief Chip in Distress.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jacob1650, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. Just got off the SATPHONE to Chief Chip.

    He's in tatters, literally. Urgently in need of Wart cream and Head and Shoulders. He can't get it through
    the system as he would be downgraded due to his proximity to fresh rations.

    So rather than create a storm in a tray of beans, can we just send him some medication?

    Red Cross parcels to,

    The Chief Chip,
    The Cookhouse,
    FOB Bastion,

    Strength in Unity.
    Cheers, Jake.
  2. Do you want me to knock him up some 'Special' skin lotion and whack it in the post to him? :)
  3. Stop being a cunt. I'll get a big boy to nack you tomorrow.
  4. Have you been taking smack?
  5. Sounds like a plan, mate. His self esteem is a bit low at the moment, so drop him a note in the box as well, something like, ''To a brave warrior, from the grateful British Public.''

    You make me proud.
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Fuck that let the manky cunt fester.
    Glad its not my rations he's handling.
  7. You make sandbags more boring than they already were :)
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  8. It's not smack, after some effort we an normally figure out what smacked up fuckers are trying to say.

    It's some severe form of twatism.
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  9. Can I write it in my own shite for that personal touch?
  10. Don't set him off.
  11. In a David Charlton style - I'll smack you.

    Day off today. And it's been a bit cold for gardening and stuff.
  12. Sandbags ain't boring, you just have a dull mind. Now get that shoe box full of Rodox and razzle mags emptied and fill it with gucci medical kit.
  13. Who gave him alcohol?
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  14. So you've been on the sauce all day.

    They are. Really, they are!
  15. I thought Bastion was MOB not a FOB?