Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by WelshSoldierPontypool, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. Quick and easy question. Cant find it either on the Army website or through the search. Phase 2 training at chicksands for OpMI, block leave or not? And if so what month does the summer block leave normally fall in.

  2. AFAIK your leave is determined by the gap between real int and CI. Unless the Xmas break falls then.
  3. If you are going to work for the UK taxpayer you need to realise now that normality will get suspended.

    Perhaps the street lights will inspire you?
    You might be better staying in Newport, Newport, Newport ?
  4. I've been in 16 months mate transferring corps. Believe me i've long forgotten the meaning of normality.
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  5. Summer leave window will probably be late Jul and throughout Aug. However, as mentioned it will depend on when your course runs and the programme, but work on sometime over those two months and it will be block leave as opposed to individual.
  6. We didn't get any leave during the summer if i recall correctly. We had a week off between OPINT and CI, but seeing as CI has been/ is going to be scrapped I don't know if you'll even get that anymore.
  7. The answer is No
  8. I'm ex-Int and from Pontypool?
  9. Nice....
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  10. Intelligence and Pontypool in the same sentence.

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  11. Aye, but they always had a good front row, aka the "Viet Gwent" :)

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  12. Oh yes. I regularly get regaled with tales of the Pontypool Front row , especially when Wales are playing.

    Those 3 are basically Royalty up the Pontypool valley.
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  13. Quite right too, all the old '60's & '70's Welsh teams were Gods, JPR, Gareth Edwards, Phil Bennet, Barry John, oh you've got me started now boyo.
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  14. God-They spoil you youngsters nowadays - BLOCK LEAVE? Sheer Bloody Luxury

    We got one weeks disembarkation leave at the end of our course, after the Drill and Duties Phase and prior to our posting from Ashford (if we were lucky!)
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  15. Is that @Glad_its_all_over in the middle being helped down the drag from the Greenfly back to his pit?
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