Chicksands Selection?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by SOLSTICE, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. How long after passing ADSC did you have to wait until you went for Intelligence Corps selection at Chicksands?

    I have ADSC at the beginning of April and there is intakes for Phase 1 on the 5th and 11th May, think that gives me enough time?
  2. Hmm

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  3. Another day, another 'How do I join the Int Corps' question. :roll:
  4. No, i'm asking how long you had to wait, not what you have to do.
  5. Some will wait their entire lives!

    Some, like CR, were born to it! :D
  6. Doubt u'll get on the May intake. I did my int corps selection in February and have to wait until 17th July 2 start phase 1.

    Good luck with your selection!
  7. I had selection on the 18 of march, should be going to Chicksands in June for a September intake, so my recruiter says..... He's been wrong b4 LOL. Best of luck m8!!!
  8. Please don't tell me you have been accepted into the Int Corps when you use chav text speak like that 8O

    What the feck is happening to my Corps! Next thing we'll see is trainees delivering their Q1 briefs in hoodies! :roll:

    And actually, in response to your ID, yes I do care. Especially when it comes to who they let in to my Corps.
  9. French Grey hoodies no doubt? They will however, serve to nicely underpin the yawning chasm between those who do, and do not have warrants.

    Perhaps in time, you could be more like the P+SS and RMP and give everyone both a warrant, and a stripe, straight out of training? In the mean time, could all those with warrants be allowed to wear side hats?
  10. A side hat would look lovely with the stylish Int Corps jumper and the snazzy Int Corps watch. ICA shop you are onto a winner!
  11. Lmao (u kno wot all dis means ryt) please be gentile I'm just a chavy youth from a council estate in the black country. Proper English unfortunatly is not first language and I will be looking to your Int. Corps to improve me in that way as well as many others.

    I haven't been accepted yet, I still need to pass selection at chicksands and my spelling may be my downfall, spell check and predictive text are my best friends :D

    For the record my name and any thing amusing I could think of at the time was already taken, eye_spy being at the top of my list :)

    What advice can you give for people looking to join Int??
  12. Learn proper English for a start, report writing is a big part of the job.

    Oh and have a regard for the Royal Air Force which can only be described as disdain and contempt.

    I am impressed that you took my post in the vain it was intended and did not take it personally. With that attitude, I would be quite happy to see you grace the exalted ranks of the Intelligence Corps. Crack on fella.
  13. Ha ha! Don't think that was the response you were expecting Eye-Spy? Maybe you should give the young buck your title - you appear to have been seen off!

    As for the RAF, they don't just fly Choppers............
  14. Ah well let's save the banter for the naffi ay?

    Must say I'm looking forward to Chicksands!! Should be an eye opener!! :)