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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by TOCHKA, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Am I the only one that feels that forcing our soldiers to give up their precious weekend and take part in a heritage 'fun' run is slightly off, I understand that this may be to generate some increased level of interest from the rest of the Corps in events at Chicksands but there must be other ways. Furthermore not only does the timing of the run mean that participants will be running potentially in the midday heat but it also precludes them from participating in the majority of the other days events, what there is of them. Additionally who is the loon that wrote the admin order and labelled the toilets 'disabled' and 'normal', I think the signature block aptly describes the author. I invite your comments and support.
  2. Ha ha! It's either an RQMS or young officer told to 'volunteer'!

    Are soldiers from Units away from Chicksands being bussed in to make up the numbers, or is it the usual 2x squads of Templer recruits plus anyone else too slow to duck out the way?
  3. So Tochka, what's your point?
  4. Unfortunately we still get paid 24hrs a day, get the X factor*, etc, etc so basically your ass is in a sling so you'll just have to soldier on!

    That said, Corps Day should be fun and if the run is undertaken at the expense of missing other events then that is a bit off. Although if it's a heritage fun run then surely that only involves running to the officers mess and back!

    Look at this way, if you run fast you'll get back quicker and won't miss quite as many events!

    Edited to Add:

    Happy Birthday Intelligence Corps

    *does this mean Simon Cowell is coming to this years Corps Day?
  5. Hello, I thought I'd made my point quite succinctly but if you are having problems translating the message then perhaps I can elaborate.

    My suggestions would include one or more of the following; If the management are going to 'force' personnel to attend then perhaps move the event to mid week. With regards to the fun run, change the start time and therfore allow participants and their families time to enjoy the rest of the day. Overall, I would really have a look at the structure of the event and make it something that people would actually want to attend as opposed to something more akin a 1940s village fete. I'm sure the majority of the readership have been to functions with dodgem cars, laser shooting ranges, feris wheels, why can't the various clubs and messes on site provide this sort of level of entertainment. With regars to the labelling of the toilets, I've nothing furher to add apart from that it shows a complete lack of understanding and sensitivity particularly at a time when more of our soldiers are being wounded and injured than at any other recent time.
  6. Under the Disability Act, it is illegal to label the toilets Disabled and Normal, as this is derogatory to Disabled people by insinuating that they are not Normal.

    We may hate PC, but the Army has signed up to it!
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  7. Disabled? Disabled? I presume you meant to say - 'Less Abled Bodied'
  8. The title of this thread sounds like a contradiction in terms
  9. TOCHKA, I can see the validity in your argument and also the negativity. Whatever your attitude to "scale A" parades is, 252-me is right. You are paid 24 hours a day and you get on with it. Personally when I was in the Corps I loved the 'Corps Days' - as long as there was cold beer in a large tent then it was a chance to 'shoot the s**t' with all ranks, friends and colleagues - the only other time we get to do that collectively is at the Harman Trophy. All of us at some time have had to organise either the "Wang the Welly" stand or the tumbola draw for some cheaply made apple pie/fizzy white wine - Yes its b*****ks but its the naff part of the day. I don't know what rank you are but I would suggest two options depending on your attitude.
    1. Address it through your CoC (or more constructively)
    2. Get yourself on the Corps Day planning committee.

  10. All Corps have Corps days at weekends, and they are all for the purpose of super top level olympic schnecking and wearing of corps ties/blazers/socks/watch straps and are not for fun.

    They are the pinnacle of the "mail getting through, boots alright?" style of command so preferred by at least 75% of senior officers.
  11. There is a first time for everything!

    Not decrying TOCHKA in anyway but in my experience people rarely do option 1 because the reply from on high is usually "well you do it next year then!" Great idea, provided you don't have a real job to do.

    The point on option 2 is that the people generally on these committees are either drafted for CR type reasons or are doing it in order to carry out the sort of activity mentioned by Papa_Lazarou.

    Unfortunately if you left this sort of thing to the most capable individual then he/she would organise Corps day every year.

    One exception to this rule is myself, my admin (in the finest traditions of the corps) is generally up my hoop but when I was last tasked to organise something for a Corps day do it actually worked quite well - as much of a surprise to myself as well as everyone else no doubt!
  12. Many of those in ICA have full time jobs that would preclude them being able to attend during the week, in the same way that the DISC has it's own programme of work, ( published a year in advance in DINs ) to adhere to. A number of ICA members are OAPs who might not be able to afford to travel during the week. The same applies for regional branches where volunteer drivers may be bringing several members in from far flung corners of the country / Europe.

    Please don't forget that back in their day, they too will probably have spent a few days shifting furniture and tentage, including some weekend work.

    Some readers here may feel that they are NOT going to be swayed by the efforts of our adversaries. Perhaps there are some who would NOT wish for these events to be cancelled.... as a mark of respect to those who had been kiled or injured.

    Agree that more could be done to attract the younger generation *, but it's also about catching up with old mates that you might not have seen for 20 years or so. Going into work the next day after leaving the sports + social club, at some ungodly hour, might not be the be best course of action for many of those travelling to the event. Therefore the weekend would seem to provide the most risk-free option.

    * Perhaps you could volunteer to run the "counter-strike" network this year??
  13. This may be a bone question...........but is Corps day open to members of the public?
  14. 1. One Saturday out of 52 - not too much to ask (Esprit de Corps etc etc)?
    2. What are your suggestions?
    3. Are you volunteering to add something?
    4. Shall we look forward to your signature block next year?

    Put up or shut up!
  15. Well I'm a young'n and I like Corps Day, Why do people forget that it's about giving something back and letting the old and bold have a day. One day out of your life!!!!

    Why join an organisation like the Armed Forces if you don't support its traditions. If you don't like it then why not volunteer at the organising stage and set something up rather than moaning that you're being forced to go.

    Incidently it's actually Corps Day today so Happy Birthday Corps and to all (including the miserable ones) who sail/sailed in her!!!