Chicksands Corps Day 2006

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Next_to_the_Tank, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. Any views on this year's Corps Day welcome (any honest!). Was the rain shower the best bit? Were the re-enactors as scary as they looked? Was the beer too warm? Could there have been more Pimms and less welly chucking? What would make you want to attend if the thought of this year's event made you inject yourself with smallpox in order to get a credible sick chit? Or was it actually not a bad day for catching up with old mates and having a gossip with the old and bold (like the ex-member of SOE who showed up?

    Any ideas for improving the day gratefully received.
  2. Tell people it's on? :roll:
  3. Hmmm... Still not getting it right? I recall a Corps Day/Open Day back in the '90s when, due to lack of publicity, hardly anyone turned up.

    The following year, it was really advertised in the local press as an "Open Day" and the citizens of S Beds turned out in force to see where the flying saucers were parked...

    Problem was, all the facilities had been scaled back based on the previous year's lack of attendance! Lots of tales (probably apocryphal) about old ladies weeing themselves due to the lack of portaloos!

  4. I think it was a case of "ssshhh, don't tell the darksiders, but we're having Corps Day on the 22nd of July".
  5. well, it does involve going above ground :)
  6. I didn't say I wanted to go; it's just nice to be invited...
  7. i like 1771's attitude. wouldn't join any club that would accept him as a member :)

    having said that, i bet he was there. and is probably still in the beer tent right now.
  8. Work comittments kept me away this year, but I' pretty sure that as a paid up ICA veteran I got a proforma though the post a few months back?

    I can still remember the turbulent nature of service life just before I left, and can well believe that with numerous individuals deployed, there are bound to be a good number of folks who are going to fall down between the cracks.

    There are others, like whiskeybreath who work abroad a lot and their mail is going to have trouble keeping up with them. Perhaps as well as being regional branches of ICA, there needs to be an on-line branch?

    The icarec website would have been a good place for this sort of thing, when we had one. :cry:

    In the absence of anywhere else I can not see much wrong with this forum? You seem to be in the right place already NTTT??

    Have read a lot about what the Corps did with the SOE and think we should do more to keep that important part of our history alive. Especially as there are not many left :!:
  9. Comms seems to be patchy - the invite to serving and ICA members went out with the Rose and Laurel, plus by email. We will bung it on the ICAREC site - it is being re-launched on a secure server (I will post a fresh thread to let everyone know).

    An on-line ICA Region is a good idea given the number of the ex-Corps spread to the four winds - any volunteers to run it?

    Ex-members please let ICA know when you move otherwise your mail will just be returned to us.

    Didn't spot any old ladies having problems with the glut of portaloos this year - although they cannot have been pleasent in the heat - at least one person fainted...

    Next years is 21 Jul 07 so if your invitation doesn't turn up by 1 Jul 07 ring up and complain! It will not be advertised for non-Corps because it is a day funded by ICA for Corps not scrounging civvies looking for spies.
  10. Having run a stand both last year and this year (1st year running the adult Creche, this year the kids one). I can quite honestly say that this year was definately not as good as last year! I don't know why it just seemed to be missing something! (like an atmosphere). I have just one question though! Is there a shop somewhere where serving and retired members of the Corps all get the same clothes that they roll out for Corps Day? Oh and just a note to those former members of the Corps who consider themselves important in Civvie Street! Can I have a job??
  11. I dunno.. I was particularly impressed by the old timer that came up to me and said, "Humint eh?! Is that the same as Field Security?"

    Er.. well.. no. Sorry old man.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Wanna bet? If you look at what the FS sections were doing in WW2, you'll find it wasn't disimilar at all.
  13. Showing your age again Punky??
  14. I stand corrected!

  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I'm 93 you know... Matron, where's my cocoa and biscuits?