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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by tommikka, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. What's the drill on accommodation on course at Chicksands,and recommendations for transport?

    I've been flagged up for a course as a civvie and possibly unlike some would tend to prefer to stay in the mess for convenience etc and also don't want to blow my training & travel budget on a week in a hotel.

    Do they automatically allocate space for accommodation or may they assume civvies winge if they don't get hotel?

    Also transport wise I can take the official car but that means depriving everyone else of it for a week. Would I go insane inside all the time if I rely on public transport?
  2. Oficers or Sgts Mess?

    You want a car, chickers is miles away from anywhere.
  3. It would be officers, ta I'll be trying to time it so noone needs transport & I'll take the car
  4. The Accm is in my opinion good and If your staying at the Officers Mess you will be in for a picturesque stay. It is an old USAF facility. I would say a car was a must if you are there for any length of time. As its pure isolated.
  5. it's heritage is more than just an ex-usaf facility...a 12thC priory for a start!!!
  6. Cheers guys