Chicks in the Corp?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MadPickleFarmer, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Probably mentioned loads of times, however whats the point?
    We are a teeth arm, hence lanyard on right shoulder, yet we have chicks in field sections?
    Never worked with them, thank fook, but they are a distraction of the highest order!
    Duty rumour has it they dont do bridging, mines etc on B3, so why wear the cap badge?
    They cant lift fook all and those that can are so large they couldn't run 200m! No good on a bridge gallop or in a mines dump. More humping than dumping and thats not gonna help the poor bastards feeding barmines out the back of a pack!
    Fine as a clerk (not even Clerk of Works!) or an egg op, but come on Glasgow, screw the nut! :x
  2. No thanks mate, not hungry enough for a bite :)
  3. I do love duty rumour, and you're right the only thing we need to worry about lifting are our spunk filled trollies from the floor after we've serviced the rest of the troop :D
  4. false-teeth maybe...but certainly not teeth...besides, its now combat, combat sp and combat serv sp.....

    agreed no bite, suffice to say, why the chip? have you just been beaten by a chick in your BFT/BPFA/PFT?
  5. Not at all, like i said, never served with a bird, but i suppose they could be used as an unloading bay for the troop when on tour. :?
  6. When I was with the Engineers in Canada there was a female Sparky working along side the blokes.
    She worked just as hard if not harder than a lot of the blokes there, she did all the humping and dumping everyone else did filling Gabion baskets and other bridge building tasks etc and to top it all off she was fitter than most blokes and was in the gym every night, but she was also quite horny as well.
    Top bird all round me says.
  7. Yeah i know who your on about and yeah, see would get it! Good girl too!
  8. How do they cope with the engineers famous naked bar?
  9. I think it was 2001 if I remember correctly and she was based at Waterbeach. We were on Ex Warpaint.
    Hope she is still doing well.
  10. Ha Ha Ha! A female troopy got caught in ours in 42's bar and shit herself! We all got pulled into the badges office on Monday morning! Fucking fun police!
  11. I got stripped naked in the bar in Canada by the Pioneers for defecting and and drinking with the Plant Op lad's.

    Very good tour it was, I got rescued before I was ripped limb from limb.
  12. most of the birds in the corps, have hips bigger than the arrse end of titan, and i would rather pleasure myself with a handful of rusty fish hooks, looking at some of the things coming the the gates, ( with winky pots attached to thier hips.... beeeeeeep beeeeeeeeep beeeeeep beeeeeep)

    Why cant we strategically place guys in the careers office, and claim fit birds for the corp rather than the hippocrocafrogs that were getting at present.....

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  13. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    So your opinion isn't worth much then is it?
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    What has wearing a lanyard on any particular shoulder got anything to do with a teeth arm. You are a teeth arm if you engage the enemy as your main role. Agreed everyone sees plenty of incoming but unless you actually fire the outgoing direct as your key job you are a support arm. Not denigrating Oggies, Father in Law was one but you are not inf or armour. Even Artillery is a support arm if truth were told! In fact Armour was originally a support arm. Not knocking you old chap but I'm afraid that your assertion even for Cdo and Para is still wrong, Support arm!

    Lights Blue touch paper and legs it to the NAAFI!
  15. Come off it ugly, Sappers have led the front since year dot and are still there today on Herick, at the front discharging weapons systems everyday - and not only in the long drops with a porn mag stuffed down their trouser leg! :D