Chickerll camp - is it any good?


Going to be there for a week soon just wanted to ask any arrsers If they have been and what it's like?

It's brilliant, you'll have a ball!
Nice cookhouse, nice presentation area/lecture hall, lovely accomodation...

Range right next door.

Bridging Hard just up the road.

What more do you want?


If you look at the date of the original post. I assume that the OP has already been there by now.
Pop in for a brew with the lovely admin ladies at Bridging Hard, also if you can wangle it get a look see in teh QMSIs office.

That man has the best view in teh Army... well, in summer anyway. (straight out on to chesil beach) but I suppose in Winter he can can content himself with the Bar (oppisite his office!).
It's a few quid in a Taxi away from Weymouth, aka Slutsville

What's not to like?

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