Chickerill Camp

Just a quick one.

Will be spending at least 4 weeks at Chickerill Camp this Summer, near Weymouth. I'm just wondering what facilities are available and what the officers mess/ accomodation is like? What ranges would we be likely to be using?

Any feedback would be great.

Chickerell is fairly small and modern. Overlooks the beautiful Chessell beach - basically a 2 mile long strand of sand that skirts the shoreline about 200m out to sea.

Officers mess accommodation comprises about 6 single, twin and triple rooms in the mess building itself and 16 x twin en-suite rooms adjacent. Rooms are warm, cosy and spacious. Small and functional bar (literally hole in the wall where you get served). OR accommodation pretty modern too - carpeted rooms of about 10 beds and sizeable integral lockers. Separate shower blocks with cubicles. Camp layout is pretty much like any other. There is a Gallery Range about five minutes walk down towards the beach. The friendly range warden is very on the ball and keeps the place immaculate. If memory serves the range only has 8 lanes.

No recreation facilities on the camp itself (no NAAFI, gym or sports fields etc), but nice jogging/strolling/biking along the beach. Head on the main road to Weymouth and you'll find a few takeaways and pubs about five minutes walk from the camp gate.

Overall, I've seen worse places.

Ps. Oh My God - I've just spotted it's you Illbeamonkeysoon. Why, pray tell, are you going to Chickerell? This sounds like 4 weeks cushy number with Scraggy End UOTC helping out with an ACF/CCF camp. You are far too keen to be planning this far ahead!
Two annual camps there this year, one for an an ACF and one for the TA, delivering AT. Leaving the OTC alone this year, bunch of willows! Sometimes I'm far too organised for my own good!

Cheers C_B
Officers accommodation was rather good had a room with a sea view! you'll find this sign located next to the shower haha!


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